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Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

1. Which would be better, an eight- or 12-team College Football Playoff?

John Letasky: It seems the "more the merrier" as Greg says, so I'll go with 12. Forty eight teams would be too many, Jeff. 

Jeff Welsch: Twelve rewards the top four, though they'd each be playing a team with a win under its belt in round two. See NCAA hoops, circa 48 teams.

Bill Bighaus: The bigger the better.

Lindsay Rossmiller: I don't have a strong preference either way other than it should be larger than four.

Greg Rachac: The more the merrier. The FCS does it right.

2. Are you a fan of the one-and-done wild-card game in the MLB playoffs?

John Letasky: Not really, but due to time constraints if this round is to exist that's probably how it has to be. 

Jeff Welsch: Not after Wednesday night (sheds another Redbird tear).

Bill Bighaus: Yes. The pressure and suspense certainly adds a little something to the game, and keeps me watching.

Lindsay Rossmiller: It certainly adds to the drama.

Greg Rachac: No. There's no reason the World Series should drag into November. 

3. Will the Urban Meyer fiasco affect his coaching of the Jaguars? 

John Letasky: It's not good when Meyer has to turn to Tebow for defense.

Jeff Welsch: Counting 3 ... 2 ... 1 until Urban resigns for "health" reasons.

Bill Bighaus: Probably. His dancing and winless record leave a lot to be desired.

Lindsay Rossmiller: Hasn't it already?

Greg Rachac: Which Urban Meyer fiasco are we talking about here? There's more than one.

4. Is it surprising two 70-plus-year-olds in Tony La Russa and Dusty Baker are managing against each other in the MLB playoffs? 

John Letasky: Two "washed up" managers surprised some who thought they were too old. Good for Baker and La Russa. 

Jeff Welsch: Nah, 70 is the new 60 and maybe even 50 — he says, optimistically.

Bill Bighaus: Not really. I am old enough to remember Jack McKeon leading the Florida Marlins to a World Series championship when he was 70-plus.

Lindsay Rossmiller: I think baseball, more than any other major sport, is uniquely suited for it. 

Greg Rachac: Somewhere Connie Mack is smiling.

5. Did you have any interest in the recently released Sopranos prequel? 

John Letasky: I hope to watch it. What I don't get is how my fellow panelists missed the original. Just exactly what were you watching? 

Jeff Welsch: I know it was great, but I'm one of three Americans who didn't watch the original series, so ... no.

Bill Bighaus: Wow, that's crazy how the three Americans who didn't watch the original, and will be passing on the prequel, work at the same place.

Lindsay Rossmiller: Count me number two of the three who didn't watch the original. I'll probably pass.

Greg Rachac: (Gulp) I also have not seen the original. Shame on me.


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