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Scoreboard: Billings Mustangs 2022 baseball schedule

Scoreboard: Billings Mustangs 2022 baseball schedule

Billings Mustangs 2022 schedule

(Note: Times TBA. All home games at Dehler Park. Schedule is subject to change.)

May 25: at Missoula

May 26: at Missoula

May 27: at Missoula

May 28: vs. Northern Colorado

May 29: vs. Northern Colorado

May 30: vs. Northern Colorado

June 1: vs. Flathead Valley

June 2: vs. Flathead Valley

June 3: vs. Flathead Valley

June 4: vs. Flathead Valley

June 5: vs. Flathead Valley

June 8: at Missoula

June 9: at Missoula

June 10: at Missoula

June 11: vs. Missoula

June 12: vs. Missoula

June 13: vs. Missoula

June 14: at Flathead Valley

June 15: at Flathead Valley

June 16: at Flathead Valley

June 17: at Great Falls

June 18: at Great Falls

June 19: at Great Falls

June 21: vs. Boise

June 22: vs. Boise

June 23: vs. Boise

June 24: vs. Boise

June 25: vs. Boise

June 26: vs. Boise

June 27: vs. Boise

June 29: at Rocky Mountain

June 30: at Rocky Mountain

July 1: at Rocky Mountain

July 2: at Rocky Mountain

July 3: at Rocky Mountain

July 4: at Rocky Mountain

July 6: vs. Boise

July 7: vs. Boise

July 8: vs. Boise

July 9: vs. Boise

July 10: vs. Boise

July 11: at Flathead Valley

July 12: at Flathead Valley

July 13: at Flathead Valley

July 14: at Flathead Valley

July 15: at Flathead Valley

July 16: at Flathead Valley

July 17: at Flathead Valley

July 19: vs. Great Falls

July 20: vs. Great Falls

July 21: vs. Great Falls

July 22: vs. Great Falls

July 23: vs. Great Falls

July 24: vs. Great Falls

July 26: at Northern Colorado

July 27: at Northern Colorado

July 28: at Northern Colorado

July 29: at Northern Colorado

July 30: at Northern Colorado

July 31: at Northern Colorado

Aug. 2: vs. Flathead Valley

Aug. 3: vs. Flathead Valley

Aug. 4: vs. Flathead Valley

Aug. 5: vs. Flathead Valley

Aug. 6: at Flathead Valley

Aug. 7: at Flathead Valley

Aug. 9: at Idaho Falls

Aug. 10: at Idaho Falls

Aug. 11: at Idaho Falls

Aug. 12: at Idaho Falls

Aug. 13: at Idaho Falls

Aug. 14: at Idaho Falls

Aug. 16: at Great Falls

Aug. 17: at Great Falls

Aug. 18: at Great Falls

Aug. 19: vs. Great Falls

Aug. 20: vs. Great Falls

Aug. 21: vs. Great Falls

Aug. 23: vs. Missoula

Aug. 24: vs. Missoula

Aug. 25: vs. Missoula

Aug. 26: vs. Missoula

Aug. 27: vs. Missoula

Aug. 28: vs. Missoula

Aug. 29: at Ogden

Aug. 30: at Ogden

Aug. 31: at Ogden

Sept. 1: at Ogden

Sept. 2: at Ogden

Sept. 3: at Ogden

Sept. 5: vs. Idaho Falls

Sept. 6: vs. Idaho Falls

Sept. 7: vs. Idaho Falls

Sept. 8: vs. Idaho Falls

Sept. 9: vs. Idaho Falls

Sept. 10: vs. Idaho Falls


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