First day of PBR

Silvano Alves rides SweetPro's Bruiser for no points during the first day of the PBR Billings Invitational at Rimrock Auto Arena at MetraPark on Friday. In this week's Billings Gazette Five on Five, the panelists tell our readers what they would name a PBR bull if they had the honor of doing so. 

1. Who will play for and win the NBA championship? 

Letasky: The Celtics will topple the Warriors in seven games. 

Welsch: The Milwaukee Bucks will win in a Game 7 that is watched by exactly 11 people outside of Wisconsin.

Flores: Warriors over Bucks in 6. 

Scherting: Actually, Jeff, there will be 12 people watching. You forgot to count me.

Rachac: Let's go Nuggets!

2. If you were able to name a PBR bull, what would it be?

Letasky: K-U-S-E-K in honor of longtime Gazette rodeo writer Joe Kusek. 

Welsch: Sue. This world is tough and if a bull's gonna make it he's gotta be tough. He can thank me later for the gravel in his gut and the spit in his eye.

Flores: Buckaloo. It's the last name of NFR team roper Bubba Buckaloo, it features the word "buck" and it's incredibly fun to say.

Scherting: Getoffmyback.

Rachac: Al Gore.

3. In golf there have been a few heirs apparent to Tiger Woods, but is there truly one at this time?  

Letasky: Not likely. It takes a very special and amazing person to make an incredible run like Tiger. 

Welsch: Only if the Commander in Cheat quits his day job, joins the tour and employs the same strategies that won him 18 club championships.

Flores: Tiger has transcended the sport. Meanwhile, no young golfer has more than four major titles. It's gonna be a while before someone approaches his level.

Scherting: That's a big ask, so, no. And I'm not sure given today's sporting climate if there ever will be an 'heir apparent' to Tiger.

Rachac: Hold the phone on that. Have you seen the Masters leaderboard?

4. It's early, but are the Mariners a legitimate playoff contender?

Letasky: With the way the Yankees are playing, they won't be making it so that opens up a spot for somebody. Why not the Mariners? 

Welsch: The magic pills have to run out some time. Don't they? 

Flores: I would be shocked, but the AL's second wild card spot should be up for grabs, so playoffs aren't not entirely out of the question.

Scherting: Two former Mustangs — Edwin Encarnacion and Jay Bruce — have been instrumental in their amazing start. It's a start that doesn't seem sustainable, however.

Rachac: You're right. It's definitely early. 

5. Have you recently, or do you plan on, taking in a movie at the Babcock Theatre?

Letasky: No, but like Rachac I remember watching movies there as a kid. Now, if they bring live boxing back to the Babcock I'll be there. 

Welsch: Haven't been to a theater in years, but if that were to change the Babcock would be at the top of the list.

Flores: Never been, but I might swing by later this month if it's showing "Avengers: Endgame."

Scherting: Would like to. Have already missed a couple films that we would have liked to see there. We're not the best planners, however.

Rachac: Suppose so. Probably should. Been way too long. Back To The Future 2? Ancient history.

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