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Frank Robinson, baseball's fearsome trailblazer, dies at 83

In this 1967 file photo, Baltimore Orioles outfielder Frank Robinson smiles. 

1. Is the NCAA transfer portal good or bad for college athletics?

Letasky: It's good for the athletes and is a positive change. For a fan, it can be kind of confusing but that shouldn't enter the equation.  

Scherting: I don't know enough about the portal ... but I do know student-athletes should have fewer roadblocks in transferring. It's their life; it shouldn't belong to the schools or coaches.

Flores: One of my least favorite things about the NCAA is the ability for schools to block players from transferring, so overall, the portal is good. 

Kusek: It's a great idea. Student-athletes should have the same options as coaches for transferring schools. This might prevent it from becoming a circus.

Rachac: Anything that improves student-athletes' rights is a good thing. Players will transfer regardless. Just have to hope it doesn't turn into glorified free agency.

2. Who were the winners and losers from the NBA trade deadline?

Letasky: The Celtics, for keeping Tatum. 

Scherting: Hopefully, the Bucks were the big winners.

Flores: The Raptors (Marc Gasol) and Bucks (Nikola Mirotic) both added good players without giving up much. The Lakers are losers for not getting Anthony Davis, and I will never agree with the Knicks' decision to trade Kristaps Porzingis.

Kusek: Anthony Davis is still with the Pelicans and LeBron's reputation took another hit, leaving them both on the wrong side of the NBA trade deadline. 

Rachac: The Lakers missed out on Anthony Davis, but that makes us all winners.

3. Frank Robinson passed away on Thursday. Where does he rank among MLB's greats?

Letasky: Robinson was a legend in the game. He deserves plenty of recognition and I hope there is a fitting tribute for him at some point during the season. 

Scherting: He gets overlooked quite a bit. He should be up there whenever Aaron, Mays and Mantle are discussed.

Flores: Higher than I initially would have ranked him. He was an all-star as a 20-year-old rookie AND as a 38-year-old, and he never had a bad season in between. Just a remarkable career.

Kusek: Being an MVP for both leagues should put him among the all-time greats. But being the first black manager accomplished much, much more.  

Rachac: He hit 586 homers, won three MVPs and had his number retired by three franchises. But what he did did for civil rights makes him a true legend.

4. What potential baseball rule change would you be most in favor of?

Letasky: None. There have been too many rule changes. Human judgement is part of the game. 

Scherting: How about limiting the number of pitchers on the 25-man roster to, say, 11, maybe even 10? That way managers can't burn two or three guys at a hitter apiece.

Flores: I'm a fan of a National League team (the Giants) with a tater-mashing pitcher (Madison Bumgarner). Yet even I think the NL needs to adopt the designated hitter. 

Kusek: Agree with Rachac on the designated hitter. It's got to go and put strategy back in the AL games again. 

Rachac: Let's abolish the DH altogether and make the American League play real baseball again.

5. Do you (still) have a landline?

Letasky: Yes, here at the office and I get plenty of use out of it! Actually, I wouldn't mind a landline at home. And, these days I can be plenty busy on my cellphone tweeting away. 

Scherting: No, and the answer to Greg's upcoming question is yes. Should I dial it?

Flores: LOL.

Kusek: It's in the house somewhere. Does it work? I'm not really sure. 

Rachac: No, but that's a good question. Do you still remember the phone number to the house you grew up in?

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