Jason Garrett

Is Jason Garrett walking on thin ice in Dallas? The panelists in this week's Five on Five discuss that subject and more. 

1. Is Jason Garrett in danger of losing his job as coach of the Dallas Cowboys?

John Letasky: He's as good as gone. Jerry Jones did not look very happy during that Thanksgiving Day loss. 

Mike Scherting: I normally feel that coaches don't get enough time, but I seriously don't understand how Garrett's been given this much rope.

Mario Small: He has definitely been given the opportunity to guide the Cowboys to the promised land. I don't see him there for very much longer.

Victor Flores: It seems like this question has come up every year since he became head coach NINE YEARS AGO. I'm not holding my breath.

Greg Rachac: Two playoff wins in a decade doesn't cut the mustard for a proud franchise, and this year is showing even less promise.

2. Would you be in favor of the NBA shortening its regular season, changing the playoff seeding and adding a midyear tourney? 

John Letasky: No, and for many reasons. The question lost me with "midyear tourney". This is the pros — not travel, high school or college ball. 

Mike Scherting: I would, yes. Something new would be exciting. Pro sports in the U.S. are getting stale. Of course, maybe that's just me getting old(er).

Mario Small: The regular season in my opinion isn't taken very seriously. I am a fan the of controversial, relentless late '80s and '90s style of play.

Victor Flores: The NBA should absolutely shorten the season. Start games on Christmas Day, eliminate back-to-backs and end the season in July or August. Who says no?

Greg Rachac: I get that the NBA is hard to watch, but this seems extreme.

3. Coming off its lopsided win over Green Bay, is San Francisco the team to beat in the NFC? 

John Letasky: I'm still sticking with the Packers. And, we'll see how the San Francisco at New Orleans game turns out. 

Mike Scherting: That game wasn't close, so it's the Niners and everyone else a tier below. But, of course, a lot can change in a week in the NFL.

Mario Small: In the NFL it seems, you are only as good as your last game. I'm leaning towards the notion, but not completely sold. 

Victor Flores: I'm a Niners fan, but I'm not quite ready to go there. They lost to Seattle at home and haven't played New Orleans yet.

Greg Rachac: As of now, yes. But Jimmy Garoppolo will need to take another big step forward for this to be a Super Bowl team.

4. Were you surprised four Big Sky teams were seeded and received first-round FCS playoff byes? 

John Letasky: Somewhat, yes. Having four seeded teams just seemed a bit out of the ordinary, especially after seeing how some of the games played out. 

Mike Scherting: Not really. While the Big Sky might not have an elite team, those top four are pretty good, and fairly equal.

Mario Small: No, all four are very competitive and deserving. Let's get supportive. We may not experience this in awhile.

Victor Flores: Nope. Everyone from media to coaches agrees they're top-10 FCS teams, and they all have at least one win against the other three.

Greg Rachac: Not at all. This was the most competitive year at the top of the league that we've seen in a while. All four were deserving.

5. Did you venture out for Black Friday? 

John Letasky: No, I generally don't but it can be fun on occasion as you run into many old friends while out and about. I did get out to do a little shopping, including for a Christmas tree, on Saturday. 

Mike Scherting: I can safely say I have never ventured out for Black Friday, at least not to a retail store. Other establishments are certainly in play, however.

Mario Small: I still make homemade illustrated Christmas cards for the inner circle of family.  I do my best to not fall for any "XMas" propaganda. I try to stay away from all stores as much as possible during the holidays.

Victor Flores: Seeing as it was also a white Friday, going to a crowded store sounded like the least appealing thing imaginable.

Greg Rachac: And risk life and limb? I passed yet again.

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