Bozeman Team Title

The Bozeman boys and girls teams swept the team titles at the State AA Golf Tournament at Meadowlark Country Club in Great Falls on Tuesday.  

1. What two teams will square off in the World Series and who will win? 

John Letasky: I was hoping for a Yankees-Dodgers World Series, but I would also enjoy a Yankees-Cardinals World Series. 

Jeff Welsch: We are long overdue for a matchup between the two teams with the most WS titles — the Yankees and Redbirds.

Joe Kusek: Who's left again? In tribute to my grandfather, I will go with the St. Louis Cardinals (shudder) against the Houston Astros.

Mike Scherting: For the sake of older fans like Jeff, maybe Yanks-Cards wouldn't be such a bad matchup. I just have a hard time rooting for either of those two organizations.

Greg Rachac: Be honest: Yankees-Astros is the World Series.

2. Who is the top available Major League Baseball manager on the market?

John Letasky: Greg is on the right track. Girardi wasn't the right man in New York anymore, but it's time for him to be a big league skipper again. 

Jeff Welsch: Can't imagine Joe Maddon will be on the market long, though it seems clear he has about a four-year statute of limitations.

Joe Kusek: Joe Maddon will not be waiting long for a new address. I can see him landing in Philadelphia.

Mike Scherting: Anymore it seems the guy willing to work for the fewest dollars will get the gig. The number of teams willing to hire a Maddon at his price tag are likely dropping.

Greg Rachac: How about Joe Girardi? He's a winner.

3. Are the Grizzlies (5-1, 2-0) Big Sky title contenders this year? 

John Letasky: The way UM has been playing, yes the Griz are. Dalton Sneed and Co. are playing high-caliber football at this time. 

Jeff Welsch: It's there for the taking for UM or MSU, with Weber State the potential party-spoiler. It won't be the Brawl of the Mild this year.

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Joe Kusek: Everybody is a contender on the bloated Big Sky Conference. Both the Griz and Cats will be in title contention.

Mike Scherting: Sure they are. So are the Cats. But neither can afford to look ahead much, because it seems there's always a speed bump in the Big Sky.

Greg Rachac: I don't think there's any doubt. A good quarterback can make a huge difference, and Dalton Sneed might be the MVP of the league.

4. When you saw the pictures of the golfers playing and posing for photos in the snow at the State AA tourney, did you think that would be fun? 

John Letasky: For a round of fun golf, yes, but for a state title that would have been kind of intimidating. The pictures did look like the players enjoyed themselves. 

Jeff Welsch: If I had a gold medal draped around my neck, yes. 

Joe Kusek: I was hoping they would be making snow angels to celebrate.

Mike Scherting: I never have fun in the snow. But it's something those kids will remember forever. Of course, as they age, the snow will get deeper and deeper as the story is retold.

Greg Rachac: I just wish I had the ability to golf when it's nice out. Great memory for those players.

5. The Funky Winkerbean comic character Bull Bushka, who battled CTE, recently died. Thoughts? 

John Letasky: Even though I sometimes wonder why, I still read Funky Winkerbean. And even though it's a cartoon, it was a little sad to see the character's condition worsen and Bull's eventual death. 

Jeff Welsch: Props to cartoonist Tom Batiuk for using his unique platform to put an important topic front and center. 

Joe Kusek: A unique way to address a pressing issue.

Mike Scherting: I haven't read the funnies in a long time. Sounds like they're a bit more serious these days.

Greg Rachac: Even fictional characters are affected by this disease. Great way to keep the conversation going.

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