Troy Andersen

Montana State's Troy Andersen rushed for 1,412 yards and accounted for 23 touchdowns as a quarterback last season.

1. Do you put more stock in media or coaches polls?

Letasky: The media polls. However, I think it's fun to compare the two. Often it seems the differences are minimal. 

Scherting: Media members often rush through their votes, while coaches can have ulterior motives on their votes. Sorry, but that’s how the sausage is made.

Rossmiller: I put very little stock in any kind of preseason poll. They mostly just give people a) something to talk about and b) hope for their team during that preseason glow.

Flores: As a media member who has voted in several polls, the obvious answer is coaches polls. The media are biased, unlike coaches, as we all know.

Rachac: Yeah, you have to give the nod to the coaches. They know these teams inside and out. Although my votes have always been spot on.

2. Who will win the Montana State Bobcats quarterback job?

Letasky: At some point this season, Troy Andersen will be back under center for the Bobcats. 

Scherting: Bold prediction: Troy Andersen!

Rossmiller: Who knows? I'd defer to Greg. But remember injuries and strange things can happen so there's no guarantee whoever earns it, keeps it.

Flores: I'll go with Tucker Rovig because I saw him play when we were both in Idaho. At this rate, MSU's coaches might also use that as a tiebreaker.

Rachac: After a week or so of fall camp I give the slim advantage to Casey Bauman. But a lot can change from now until the season opener.

3. Should the NFL adjust its preseason schedule?

Letasky: I'd prefer the NFL leave both the preseason and regular-season schedules alone. 

Scherting: I don’t know about the schedule, but pricing for preseason tickets certainly needs to be adjusted.

Rossmiller: Preseason? Let me know when the season starts.

Flores: I kind of like the proposed 18-game regular season, where the preseason is reduced to two games and players are limited to 16 regular-season appearances. More opportunities for Nathan Peterman!

Rachac: No. It's fine how it is. Keep your veterans off the field and let the younger players develop as much as possible.

4. What will the interest be in the Yankees vs. White Sox game at the "Field of Dreams" next summer?

Letasky: This is truly a great idea and will generate plenty of cash for MLB. Plus, it should be fun for those who attend the games. 

Scherting: I admit, I’ll probably tune in. Players have to come out of the corn during introductions.

Rossmiller: I actually really like this idea. Professional sports can get too serious at times and it's a game. I hope this will be one that reminds people of that.

Flores: I liked the idea before I learned that it won't be played on the actual Field of Dreams. I get why they're playing on a different field, and it will still be cool, but not as cool as it initially sounded.

Rachac: If Shoeless Joe Jackson comes back again, let's hope he's actually batting left handed this time.

5. As a youngster, what was your favorite carnival ride?

Letasky: I liked the swings and as I got older the Sea Dragon. I did not like getting stuck at the top on the Ferris wheel.  

Scherting: Rides? My gang was too cool for rides. We usually strolled the midway, the walking version of dragging Main.

Rossmiller: Can I admit that I actually didn't like carnival rides? Still don't.

Flores: Anything that took people away from the food stands.

Rachac: One traumatizing turn on the Sea Dragon and that was it. Still sticking with the tea cup Ferris wheel.

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