Game changer: Tebow enters Mets camp 'all in' on baseball

Tim Tebow signs autographs at spring training baseball practice Feb. 16 in Port St. Lucie, Fla. This week in the Five on Five, the panelists discuss if Tebow will ever be a full-time big league player. 

1. Tim Tebow will start the year with the Mets' Triple A team. Will he eventually be a big leaguer? 

Letasky: Yes, Tebow will find his way to the majors. I hope Flacco succeeds in Denver, but Elway should make sure he has Tebow's phone number. 

Welsch: When the Mets are wallowing in last place midseason, they'll bring him up to sell tickets — shattering Letasky's dream of Tebow back in a Broncos uni.

Scherting: He might get a cup of coffee, and I hope he does. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of his, but I respect all that he's tried to do.

Flores: Unless Tebow lights it up in Triple A (unlikely), the Mets would only call him up if they're out of playoff contention (much more likely).

Rachac: It's the Mets. Wouldn't be surprised if Tim Allen made their roster.

2. Who will be the four No. 1 seeds for the NCAA men's basketball tournament?

Letasky: Duke, Michigan State, Virginia and Gonzaga and one of them will be more than ready for the Big Sky champ. 

Welsch: Gotta go with Gonzaga, Virginia, North Carolina and Duke, though Michigan State has a case if it wins Big Ten tourney.

Scherting: Even though I haven't filled out a bracket in years — holding on to my money, I am — I got this: Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Gonzaga.

Flores: I just hope one of them is Virginia. The Cavs will prepare for that first-round game as if the future of humanity is at stake. 

Rachac: Just as long as one of them is Gonzaga. They've got the horses to make a very deep run.

3. The NCAA women's basketball bracket will be released Monday. Who is the favorite? 

Letasky: I wouldn't mind seeing a Notre Dame repeat. 

Welsch: UConn is 31-2, meaning it's a down year and the door is open for ... Oregon. 

Scherting: Probably the usual suspects of Baylor, UConn and Notre Dame.

Flores: Flip a coin between Baylor and UConn, and watch Sabrina Ionescu lead Oregon to the title.

Rachac: Suppose UConn has to be in the conversation, right?

4. Should UM's Travis DeCuire have been recognized as the Big Sky men's basketball coach of the year?

Letasky: Yes. End of debate.  

Welsch: Griz dominated the Big Sky. Yeah, he had the best players — but guess who recruited them? I don't even see a close second.

Scherting: Unless voters are privy to all the internal machinations that go on with various teams, how can they decide which coach truly had the best season? 

Flores: Coaches are like icebergs, in that we only see a small percentage of their work. And even the tip of the iceberg is hard to discern. I guess what I'm saying is coach of the year voting is the Titanic. 

Rachac: The real question is whether DeCuire will even be back at Montana next season.

5. A SiriusXM channel will be called "Mötley Crüe Week." What band would you like a channel to pay tribute to? 

Letasky: Enjoying a week of the Crüe will be great. I'd like to see a tribute to Alabama soon on Prime Country. 

Welsch: Say You Love Me, SiriusXM, and give us the Fleetwood Mac channel those of us who wax nostalgic for the '70s deserve.

Scherting: Sirius already has Springsteen and Petty channels, but I don't get Sirius, so ...

Flores: I've been enjoying a band called Beirut and have been meaning to check out more of their stuff, so a Sirius channel would be a perfect excuse to do so.

Rachac: Do everyone a favor and bring back the U2 Experience.

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