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Joseph begins overhauling Broncos coaching staff

Denver is 2-3 this year after a disappointing 2017 NFL season. Will head coach Vance Joseph survive the year? Members of The Billings Gazette sports team discuss the subject in this week's Five on Five. 

1. Is Vance Joseph in danger of being fired as the Broncos head coach? 

Letasky: When Joseph was hired, I thought he'd do great but I was wrong. In the long term, Denver can't keep rotating coaches but Joseph is not the answer for the short or long term. 

Welsch: They should start with the Quarterback Whisperer general manager.

Kusek: Every NFL coach, except Bill Belichick, is in danger of being fired.

Doak: I think the chances of Vance Joseph keeping his job are about the same as the chances of him getting a Super Bowl ring this season.

Rachac: Can see him making it through the season but he is definitely on the hot seat. Bring back Gary Kubiak!

2. Do you like all the umpire reviews during the baseball playoffs? 

Letasky: No. The flow of the game is constantly being interrupted. Good calls and bad calls work themselves out. 

Welsch: As a Cardinals follower still waiting for a replay view of the '85 World Series, I say yes.

Kusek: With so much at stake, meaning money, it's more important getting the call right instead of worrying about somebody's feelings.

Doak: I like them to get it right. Ideally, though, they'd get it right the first time.

Rachac: Didn't like it during the season. But it's necessary. What's most surprising is how many simple calls the umpires blow.

3. Will LeBron lead the Lakers to the playoffs this year, and if so, how far will L.A. advance? 

Letasky: LeBron is good enough to carry the reloaded Lakers to the conference finals. But, L.A. may stumble if it plays Houston or Golden State early. 

Welsch: A Lakers-Warriors matchup in the conference finals is already queued up, winner getting the Celtics.

Kusek: Of course, LeBron will lead the Lakers to the playoffs. That's what he does best. When he carries Los Angeles to the NBA Finals, that will be impressive.

Doak: I expect the Lakers to make the playoffs. Will they win a title? Probably not this season.

Rachac: They'll make the playoffs but they won't get far. LeBron is playing in a much tougher conference now.

4. Which is more important in the baseball playoffs, a dominant starter or reliever? 

Letasky: If a team is to make a deep run and win the Series, they need a dominant starter and another hot hand in the rotation. 

Welsch: You've got to get to the seventh inning for relievers to have any value, so give me two great starters.

Kusek: Always go with the starter. You can turn a dominant starter into a dominant reliever if needed.

Doak: With a good starter, you often won't need to rely on a good reliever.

Rachac: Baseball itself is still trying to determine this. I'll let you know after the Dodgers/Brewers series.

5. Is an afternoon at the bowling alley or the golf course more enjoyable? 

Letasky: A day at the bowling center is always fun. Trying to match or top your buddies score, joking and cheering is hard to beat. 

Welsch: Give me a day in the outdoors over a day in the indoors any day.

Kusek: In both, it's a struggle to break 100.

Doak: I'm terrible at both, but I supposed I'd choose the fresh air of the golf course to being inside a bowling alley. Unless the bowling alley is outdoors ...

Rachac: Golf course. It's much easier to fudge your score.

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