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Do preseason NFL games hold your attention?

1. Do you actually watch NFL preseason games ...

Hansen: No. Preseason football is arguably the worst sporting product out there. 

Scherting: No, and to be honest ... (continued on Question 2)

Kusek: Uh, no. And I've already given up on the Chicago Bears this season.

Charpentier: I'll watch the highlights. Never actually watched a full game. 

Rachac: No. It's still baseball season, for crying out loud.

2. Or is your attention focused on the start of the Premier League?

Hansen: I don't really watch this religiously, either, but I'd prefer it over preseason football. I don't watch much sports in the summer. Have to enjoy the weather before it starts snowing in three weeks. 

Scherting: ... I watch more Premier League matches than even NFL regular-season games.

Kusek: I'm still riding the wave of enthusiasm from the World Cup (I watched, honest). Go Tottenham Hotspur FC!

Charpentier: I'm going to be completely honest and say that I have never watched a Premier League game in my life. 

Rachac: No. It's baseball season, for crying out loud.

3. Who will have a better football season, Cats or Griz?

Hansen: My money is on the Cats. MSU has stability right now and seems to be trending in the right direction. My prediction is MSU squeaks into the playoffs. The Griz will be back there in another year or two. 

Scherting: Define better season. Is it by win-loss record, or by whomever wins the Cat-Griz game?

Kusek: How are we supposed to know? They have closed practices.

Charpentier: Until Jeff Choate can put together a winning season, I'll have to go with the Griz, but look for the Cats to make some noise.

Rachac: My thought right now is it will be the Cats. Bobby Hauck will need a couple years to establish his culture again in Missoula.

4. Are fundamentals disappearing from Major League Baseball?

Hansen: What Henry said. 

Scherting: You think? I watched a Reds' game the other day where former Billings Mustang Phillip Ervin missed not one, not two, but three cut-off guys on one relay throw.

Kusek: Watch them throw the ball around as base runners race around the and tell me the answer. 

Charpentier: I see a lot of old men yelling at clouds. Who cares about fundamentals? I just want to see Bryce Harper strike out 170 times, bat .230 and hit 40 home runs.

Rachac: For sure. You'd have an easier time finding Sasquatch than a player who can bunt consistently.

5. What should we do with the gentleman who taunted the bison?

Hansen: Like Greg said, ban him from all national parks. Idiots who ruin it for everyone else don't belong there. 

Scherting: Let's see ... him on one end of narrow chute and the bison on the other, and make them charge in a game of chicken with no escape. Too harsh?

Kusek: Put him in a small room with the bison.

Charpentier: Bison vs. Idiot held at MGM Grand would make for compelling television. 

Rachac: How about a ban from entering any national park? That would suffice.

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