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Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five


1. Will Bruce Bochy manage a Major League Baseball team again, or is he enjoying retirement too much?

John Letasky: Bochy would be a smart hire if a team is looking to make an upgrade and win now. As for Tony LaRussa coming back, that may be a questionable move. 

Bill Bighaus: He is still a young man at age 65, with three World Series championship rings, so he could still hold his own in the dugout. Look at Tony LaRussa, he is 76 and his phone is still ringing.

Mario Small: Right now on the world stage retirement sounds really good. Does he have anything to prove at this point? Major league sports are not firing on all cylinders due to the pandemic. There is no need to rush back.

Mike Scherting: Dusty Baker made it back to the bigs. I'm guessing if someone wants Bochy bad enough, they could lure a return.

Greg Rachac: Connie Mack managed his last game at age 87. Let's go Bruce!

2. Will you remember Joe Morgan more for his career as a player or an announcer?

John Letasky: I always enjoyed Morgan as a broadcaster and will mostly remember him for his skills at that job. Heaven sure has a new all-star team with him, Whitey, Brock, Seaver, Gibson and Kaline. 

Bill Bighaus: I will always remember him for being a part of the Big Red Machine, which ruled over the National League and won two World Series in the 1970s.

Mario Small: Earning celebrity as a broadcaster is not his legacy. Being an undersized, underdog, Hall of Fame second baseman for nearly 20 years is. You go with what got you there. 

Mike Scherting: This little guy did Little Joe's wing flap all the time playing backyard Whiffle ball. And, unlike most apparently, I didn't mind him as an announcer.

Greg Rachac: I was introduced to him when he was a broadcaster, but clearly his Hall of Fame playing career stands heads and shoulders above it all.

3. Did the MHSA make the right call in pushing back the start of the winter sports season?

John Letasky: Probably, but at least they aren't canceling. A condensed season is better than no season. I'm hoping and praying next year is better. 

Bill Bighaus: I really haven't had a problem with any of the decisions handed down by the MHSA. Better safe than sorry.

Mario Small: The mighty infrastructure of the MSHA has surely been tested these past couple years. Shoes I wouldn't want to wear. Are all "push-back" tournament titles going to have a COVID-19 asterisk after them?

Mike Scherting: Let's hope so. As with all these decisions, I tend to think the most cautious ones are the "right calls."

Greg Rachac: I think so. Things aren't looking good right now, and the next few months may require even more difficult decisions. Hope I'm wrong.

4. When it's all said and done, will Jess Lockwood have suffered more injuries than Evel Knievel?

John Letasky: It's amazing how Lockwood has overcome the injuries, but they continue to mount. Fortunately for Jess, not quite at the pace of Evel. Two Montana legendary daredevils. 

Bill Bighaus: I am not a fan of Jess Lockwood and his silly boycott of local media, but having said that, I don't wish him the 15 or so major surgeries Knievel went through.

Mario Small: As long as Lockwood's spirit is never broken, that cowboy right there is in great company. ("Bones heal, chicks dig scars, pain is temporary, glory is forever." —  Evel Knievel) 

Mike Scherting: That's not a record Lockwood wants to chase. Either way, I don't want either guys' medical chart.

Greg Rachac: Not a chance. To ride bulls is one thing. Attempting to jump a motorcycle 141 feet over the Caesar's Palace Fountains is entirely different.

5. Do you plan on 'panic buying' Halloween candy, just to be 'prepared'? 

John Letasky: Yes, and if I start now I bet I can even stock up on my favorite Christmas goodies! 

Bill Bighaus: No. I freeze my leftover Halloween candy every year. This year I am going to tap into my 1967 stash. Anyone for candy cigarettes?

Mario Small: Or do you mean, "Am I planing on eating bags of candy till Christmas?"

Mike Scherting: The only thing I 'panic buy' is when I see my Mountain Dew stash gets to the level of less than a case. Then I break out in a sweat.

Greg Rachac: Why buy when you can sprint door to door and beat all the kids to the good stuff?


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