The Billings Mustangs' Leonardo Seminati (11) celebrates a third-inning grand slam as Billings defeated the Helena Brewers 13-3 at Dehler Park last August. The Five on Five panelists discuss their favorite Mustangs Memories in this week's Five on Five. 

1. What is the top storyline heading into the Women's World Cup?

John Letasky: It's not a storyline, but what stands out to me is the tourney won't get over until July 7. But, when you really think about it that's not very long compared to the NBA and NHL playoffs. It should be a good tourney. 

Jeff Welsch: Can the women capture America's imagination the way Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain and Tiffeny Milbrett did? If so, will they get invited to the White House. If so, will they go?

Jacob Marshall: Agreed with Lindsay, I think it's if the U.S. can repeat. 

Lindsay Rossmiller: I think it's whether the U.S. can repeat and how effective efforts have been by the rest of the world to increase their own programs.

Greg Rachac: Will the U.S. carry the load for their less-successful male counterparts? Put a woman in charge and things get done.

2. Was it a good decision to move the 3-point line back in men's college basketball? 

John Letasky: Yes, as it should open up and stretch the court. 

Jeff Welsch: It's still too close, though far better than when the ACC had it as a glorified free throw at 17 feet. I like putting 20 seconds on the shot clock after an offensive rebound even better.

Jacob Marshall: I think the way college basketball players shoot nowadays, it shouldn't be an issue.

Lindsay Rossmiller: I agree with Greg. 

Greg Rachac: They're already draining 3s from 25 feet no problem. Hard to think this will matter at all.

3. In honor of the Billings Mustangs starting their season on Friday, what is your favorite Mustangs memory?

John Letasky: As a youngster I was in the crowd at Cobb Field when the Mustangs downed the Salt Lake City Trappers to end their 29-game winning streak. 

Jeff Welsch: I took my wife and daughter to Cobb Field many moons ago, long before ever fathoming becoming The Gazette sports editor, and remember thinking the experience almost perfect.

Jacob Marshall: I hate to admit this, but I have yet to go to a Mustangs game so no memory for me. 

Lindsay Rossmiller: Watching Billy Hamilton steal bases always provided a spark to the crowd. 

Greg Rachac: Jim Paduch's no-hitter to seal the 2003 Pioneer League title. Epic performance.

4. What thoroughbred was the all-time best race horse? 

John Letasky: Citation. Reading about Citation's accomplishments in the Newsday story that ran in The Gazette this week was captivating. 

Jeff Welsch: Probably Secretariat, but how about a shout to 1889 winner Spokane, the only Kentucky Derby winner born in Montana (Twin Bridges)?

Jacob Marshall: Gotta agree with Jeff, Secretariat was a legendary horse. 

Lindsay Rossmiller: I think the number of race horses I can name could be counted on one hand.

Greg Rachac: Easy. It begins and ends with Secretariat. Love the movie, too.

5. Do you prefer taking a dip in the swimming pool or lake? 

John Letasky: Either way sounds good on a hot day, although I don't know how much fun swimming in a high mountain lake is Jacob. Water temps in those lakes can be chilly! 

Jeff Welsch: The question is too narrow in scope — give me a primitive hot springs or the Sea of Cortez over either of those options any day. 

Jacob Marshall: I like floating a river but also if I was to choose to between a pool or a lake; there is nothing like a dip in a high mountain lake!

Lindsay Rossmiller: Can I say floating a river instead?

Greg Rachac: Never taken a Jet Ski in the pool but it could be fun now that you mention it.

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