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Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five


1. What would be a good nickname for the "Washington Football Team"?

John Letasky: I kind of like the Washington Football Team as it's straight to the point. Another good name would be the Washington Stars to infuriate an old divisional rival, the Cowboys. 

Jeff Welsch: They oughta be sentenced to be the Banana Slugs or Artichokes for 10 years as penance for their offensive previous nickname.

Mario Small: I didn't think the logo was so bad. I say keep the logo and change the name to the D.C. Warriors. Cowboys fans will want an overhaul. 

Mike Scherting: I kind of like Red Tails, honoring the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II. But I'm also not averse to a nickname that maintains a Native American connection to the franchise.

Greg Rachac: That's above my pay grade. But Red Tails caught my attention right away too, Scherting.

2. Were you surprised by the MHSA's decision to go ahead with fall sports?

John Letasky: It's the right decision. Hopefully everything goes well. Good luck to all the athletes, coaches, officials and everyone else involved this year. 

Jeff Welsch: No. But it's noteworthy that sports were shut down in March with one positive COVID-19 test and now that we're past 3,000 we're half-speed ahead.  

Mario Small: Times like these I see how I may be a traditionalist. Inaugural teams and seasons beware.

Mike Scherting: Not at all.

Greg Rachac: Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Starting is not what we should be worried about. Finishing will be the challenge.

3. Would playing a college sport locally or regionally in the fall, and having the national championships in the spring or late winter work?

John Letasky: I'd love to see bowl games and hope there are, but if leagues really want to shuffle seasons they should just stick to a conference slate and try to play this fall. Then, award league titles based on the standings.  

Jeff Welsch: So, do teams get to practice from, say, November until March? Or is there a designated dead period? Seems strange.

Mario Small: No way around it. Compromised season. Or a change for the ages.

Mike Scherting: It would work — provided we can play sports in the fall — and I wouldn't have a problem with it on a one-year basis. That format has been SOP for NAIA golf for some time now.

Greg Rachac: How can a spring playoff accurately determine a champ from games played in the fall? Just doesn't seem legitimate. But what do I know?

4. How will PPV sales be for the Sept. 12 boxing exhibition pitting Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.?

John Letasky: It's an interesting bout. I'll more than likely be working that day, but if I were off I'd try to find a way to watch. 

Jeff Welsch: I'm sure the usual suspects will fork over the big dough, though a PPV party doesn't seem like the wisest of choices these days.

Mario Small: I'm interested. These warriors are born to fight. A sanctioned master's or grudge division is a great idea. The undercard: 3X NBA all-star dunk champion Nate Robinson vs. Jake Paul?

Mike Scherting: I know one guy who won't be adding to the sales total.

Greg Rachac: Through the roof. But boxing ain't what it once was. Not even Iron Mike's return will change that.

5. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? 

John Letasky: Neapolitan is hard to beat, however, I also like chocolate chip and plain old chocolate. 

Jeff Welsch: Oh boy, here goes my man card again. Bubble gum.

Mario Small: Vanilla bean.

Mike Scherting: I'm pretty basic. Vanilla with chocolate syrup all mushed into liquid viscosity, so, basically a milk shake. Huckleberry is right there, too.

Greg Rachac: Cherry Garcia. Oh Ben & Jerry, you're so clever.


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