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Bills will start rookie Josh Allen at QB against Chargers

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen looks for an open man during the second half against the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday. The former Wyoming standout will make his first start against the Los Angeles Chargers. The Billings Gazette sports team discusses the topic in this week's Five on Five. 

1. Is it too early in his development for former Wyoming QB Josh Allen to make his first NFL start with the Bills?

Letasky: No. If a young quarterback was drafted to be a starter, if they are the best option they should be behind center. 

Doak: Not at all, especially when the alternative is Nathan Peterman, who is only in his second season and has a career passer rating of 25.7.

Kusek: Josh Allen is getting paid to be a professional football player. Pro sports is about producing now. The time is now for Allen. 

Hansen: At the rate Nathan Peterman is playing, there is no way Allen could be worse. Why draft him if you aren't going to play him?

Rachac: Always been a proponent of letting young QBs play right away. There's no better way to learn.

2. Did the MHSA make the right call in allowing spectators on the golf course for postseason events? 

Letasky: Yes and I'm sure this was looked at thoroughly. If problems arise, they'll be addressed. 

Doak: What fun is competitive golf when there's no one there to see it? It will be just fine, as long as the parents stay calm and follow the rules.

Kusek: Knowing parents, one will think the rules don't apply or they won't get caught and ruin it for everybody else. Count on it. At least the MHSA tried.

Hansen: Sure but just because I'm sick of hearing the complaining about this rule. I had no issue with the original rule and someone will ruin it for everyone else. 

Rachac: Yes. But what are the odds someone ruins it for everyone else?

3. If you were a college coach, do you put together a tough nonconference schedule? 

Letasky: It depends on the particular team and the goals the coach has for the team, along with the strength of your conference schedule. 

Doak: Scheduling skilled nonconference opponents is a great way to test your program and show that your own conference is worthy of the postseason.

Kusek: It's a delicate balance. You need to test your team, but the players also need some payoff for their hard work. And remember, coaches' futures are based on wins and losses.

Hansen: In basketball yes, but not in football. One loss in football and your season could be over. In basketball, your nonconference schedule is a big factor in seeding/making the tournament at all. 

Rachac: Absolutely. Test yourself in the preseason so your team is ready for the conference grind.

4. Were you expecting the Mariners' second-half fade? 

Letasky: Maybe a slight drop, but the Mariners looked like they'd be in the playoff hunt. Now, they aren't really a factor. 

Doak: They did look poised to make the postseason in the first half, so I'm surprised they've fallen so far behind.

Kusek: The Mariners were in playoff contention? Golly, that slipped right past me this summer.

Hansen: They don't have the longest postseason drought in North America for no reason! 

Rachac: Not one bit. 

5. Mötley Crüe will be recording four new songs. You interested? 

Letasky: Yes and they'll probably be good. Groups like Mötley Crüe stand the test of time. Keep rocking Crüe. 

Doak: Not really, but it'll give me something to buy my stepbrother for Christmas.

Kusek: I'll wait until the songs come out to make judgement. Just hope they have a nice beat and you can dance to them.

Hansen: No. Leave the 80's hair-metal bands in the 80's please.

Rachac: It's been almost 30 years since Dr. Feelgood was released. Mötley Crüe should have remained in the 1980s.

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