CFP Fiesta Bowl Football (copy)

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is congratulated after defeating Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl last month in Glendale, Ariz. The Five on Five panelists discuss who will win Monday's CFP national championship game. 

1. Did Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa make the right decision declaring for the NFL draft?

John Letasky: Looking at it from all angles, and assuming he's healing from right hip surgery fine, yes Tagovailoa made the right decision. 

Jeff Welsch: The window for earning a living in the NFL is skinny. Take the money and run.

Bill Bighaus: I guess so. He's pretty beat up, though, and not quite the quarterback he was a year or two ago. 

Mike Scherting: Injuries were mounting, and there wasn't much left for him to prove at the college level. 

Greg Rachac: Yes. Time to cash in while he can still walk. Wait ... CAN he still walk?

2. Who will win Monday's CFP national championship game and what will be the score?

John Letasky: One day, Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence will lose a game — but it won't be Monday. Clemson slips past LSU, 34-31.

Jeff Welsch: Clemson showed some moxie in beating Ohio State, and how do you pick against a coach named Dabo?

Bill Bighaus: LSU in a blowout, 53-20.

Mike Scherting: LSU ... 38-34.

Greg Rachac: Tough to pick against LSU. Give me the Bayou Bengals, 41-31.

3. Have the Dallas Cowboys found the right coach in Mike McCarthy?

John Letasky: Yes. McCarthy and the Cowboys both needed a fresh start and here is their opportunity. 

Jeff Welsch: I'm sure if McCarthy had been coach in '19 the Cowboys probably would've been a scintillating ... 8-8. 

Bill Bighaus: I thought Jerry Jones was the coach.

Mike Scherting: I have a weird feeling he might be. 

Greg Rachac: Sure ... if he can coexist with Jerry Jones. But that's a big if.

4. Will Tom Brady and Drew Brees return to the NFL next year? 

John Letasky: Brees will wind up back in New Orleans and Brady walks away from the game. 

Jeff Welsch: Brees has some unfinished business in the most snakebit NFL town. And, Brady to the Broncos!

Bill Bighaus: Brees will be back for another season, but Brady's career is over (hopefully).

Mike Scherting: If a team will take Brady, he'll play. Brees will be back.

Greg Rachac: Probably. But I like my quarterbacks to go out on top.

5. With the Red Sox in the news for stealing signs, it begs the question — Did you steal any signs while playing youth sports? 

John Letasky: I'm sure some of my teammates tried. I had a few "Little League stolen bases" — on passed balls or wild pitches. 

Jeff Welsch: I was just happy to steal second base once in a while.

Bill Bighaus: I stole a lot of things as a youngster, but never swiped any signs.

Mike Scherting: When I pitched in Babe Ruth, I had two pitches: Slow and slower. Myself and the catcher still went through the theatrics of him throwing down signs, though, just to get the other side thinking.

Greg Rachac: The only thing I stole was an extra soda after the games.

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