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Ty Gregorak

NEXT IN LINE?: Linebackers coach Ty Gregorak could be the right man to replace Mike Breske as the Grizzlies' defensive coordinator.

Mike Breske's defensive philosophy, naturally, has changed through the years. But what's probably most impressive is the way his mindset has evolved to combat the spread offense that is so rampant in college football today. Just look at what the Grizzlies did on D this past season. It was pretty impressive.

That's why it was no surprise when new Washington State coach Mike Leach plucked Breske from Missoula to be the Cougars' defensive coordinator. Going up against the vast spread offeses of the Pac-12 -- in particular Oregon -- Leach will need a coordinator who knows how to attack. He's got one now in Breske.

Congrats to Breske on the new job. He's certainly paid his dues at the college level, and has had great success. He deserves this.

But now the Montana Grizzlies have a big void to fill. Who will step into Breske's shoes to coordinate a defense that was the best in the Big Sky Conference in 2011? 

Ty Gregorak's name is not new to the speculation of who might take over in Missoula. The UM linebackers coach and former CU Buff certainly has the chops to get his first crack at a coordinator job, and this just might be his time.

Gregorak is a young up-and-comer, he's energetic, and he is highly respected by his players. It seems like a pretty good fit.

Of course, there is always a risk when you promote a first-time coordinator. Experience, as Breske has shown through the years, is something that can't be taken for granted. Plus, Gregorak has had his off-the-field issues. But those seem to have been rectified and are well in the past.

No matter what, I know Breske gave head coach Robin Pflugrad a big vote of confidence for Gregorak to make the jump to hos old D.C. post. It's just a matter of whether Pflugrad, now entering his third year on the job with the Griz, will make that move or bring in somebody else.