Rocky Spring Practice

Rocky Mountain College quarterbacks Nathan Dick (11) and Drew Korf (4) will be leading the Green and Gold teams, respectively, at the Battlin' Bears' annual spring game on Saturday at Herb Klindt Field.

BILLINGS — The teams have been selected and the roles assigned.

Saturday morning will be more than just another practice.

It’s Green vs. Gold.

It’s game time.

The Rocky Mountain College football team will conclude spring drills with its annual Green & Gold Game at 10:30 a.m. at Herb Klindt Field.

To ratchet up the stakes, new coach Chris Stutzriem had the players vote on captains with those captains drafting teams this past Monday in his office.

Each group practiced separately on Tuesday and Thursday.

“This adds another level of competition,” said quarterback Drew Korf, one of the captains for the Gold Team. “This adds a lot more to it. It’s not just an 80-play scrimmage.”

The other captains for the Gold Team are linebacker Dallas Mack and defensive tackle Denton Wetherell. The Green Team captains are quarterback Nathan Dick, defensive end Ryder Rice and wide receiver Lucas Overton.

The coaching staff was also equally divided for each team with Stutzriem remaining neutral.

Saturday will be the 15th practice for Stutzriem and the new Battlin’ Bears coaching staff. Stutzriem, who was the offensive coordinator for Rocky in 2016 and 2017, was hired as head coach in December. He replaced Jason Petrino who became the defensive coordinator at Southern Illinois, a Football Championship Subdivision program.

Stutzriem takes over a program that finished 8-4 overall, won the Frontier Conference championship and advanced to the NAIA playoffs.

“The coaches have been doing a good job of picking up the little things, not overlooking anything,” said Stutzriem. “There are days the offense does well and days when the defense does well. And that’s to be expected in spring ball.”

Stutzriem said the final practice will feature 40 situational plays. “Red zone, certain yard lines,” he said. The final 40 plays will be conducted in game conditions.

“The other 40, we’ll roll with it,” he added. “We’re going to try and get 80 to 100 plays, depending on our health and how it goes.”

The new coach added that each special teams play will run twice. Because Rocky does not currently have a kicker, the teams will go through the motions twice on point-after attempts. Kick and punt returns will also be run twice so the players get the necessary repetitions.

Finding motivated players will not be a problem.

“We’ll definitely have some competition on Saturday,” Korf said.

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