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One of the families of trout food most overlooked by fly fishers is terrestrials.

Grasshoppers are the best-known members of this family, but it also includes ants, termites and beetles.

The Peacock Foam Beetle is an excellent choice when aquatic insects are not evident on the water.

The use of foam gives this pattern its shape, as well as good flotation. Fished along the bank and around low-hanging bushes, the beetle is a very effective offering.

Peacock Foam Beetle

Tying recipe:Hook: Standard dry in sizes 10 to 18.

Back: Thin strip of black foam.

Body: Peacock.

Legs: Black hackle.

Thread: Black.

Glenn West of Billings has been fly-tying for 50 years, guiding anglers for 25 years and has been creating fly-fishing artwork for 15 years. He can be reached at or through his Web site at