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Favorite Flies: Foam makes tying flies much easier
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The mosquito is a fact of life. And it clearly establishes that humans are not on the top of the food chain.

Mosquitoes are in all of the waters that trout inhabit and are part of their daily diet (although they don't seem to eat enough of them).

The California Mosquito differs from the standard mosquito fly patterns in that its wing position is in the spent angle. This may or may not be an advantage, but for some reason it is a recognized tying style and could represent the spent phase of their metamorphosis.

It's just another wrinkle in the fly tyers' fabric of patterns.

California Mosquito Tying recipe:

Hook: Standard dry in sizes 12 to 20.

Tail: Black moose hair.

Body: One dark, one light moose mane strands.

Wing: Grizzly hackle tips tied spent.

Hackle: Grizzly.

Glenn West of Billings has been fly-tying for 50 years, guiding anglers for 25 years and has been creating fly-fishing artwork for 15 years. He can be reached at or through his Web site at