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The Jack Cabe was created some time ago by a Columbus area tyer by the name of — go figure — Jack Cabe.

Almost a secret fly for a number of years, this fly surfaced recently as one of the most effective patterns on the Yellowstone River drainage.

The shape and footprint of this fly covers a lot of bases, from stoneflies and hoppers to large caddis.

Because it’s a relatively easy pattern to tie and is so effective and visible, the Jack Cabe will be around for a long time.

Jack Cabe

Tying recipe:Hook: Standard dry in 2X or 3X long.

Tail: Red bucktail, short.

Body: Brown dubbing.

Wing: Tan bucktail.

Hackle: Brown and grizzly.

Thread: Black.Glenn West of Billings has been fly-tying for 50 years, guiding anglers for 25 years and has been creating fly-fishing artwork for 15 years. He can be reached at or through his Web site at

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