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Favorite Flies: Foam makes tying flies much easier
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Spun hair bodies are some of the best floating bodies you can tie - and when tied right, they're very durable.

The flotation qualities of hollow deer hair makes clipped hair body flies a joy for some of us who are optically-challenged. They float high and are very visible.

The Rat Face McDougal is a variation of the Irresistible and differs by the use of hair wings instead of hackle-tip wings. Though they're a little harder to tie, they look awfully good.

Although the pictured fly is mainly yellow, almost any color hair can be used. Your own imagination is the limiting factor.

One hint on tying is not to try to use too large of a clump of hair. Several smaller bunches will allow a better, more dense body.

Rat Face McDougal YellowTying recipe:Hook: Standard dry in sizes 8 through 16.

Thread: 3/0 mono, yellow.

Tail: Deer hair.

Body: Deer hair, clipped, dyed yellow.

Wing: Deer hair.

Hackle: Dry ginger or light brown.

Glenn West of Billings has been fly-tying for 50 years, guiding anglers for 25 years and has been creating fly-fishing artwork for 15 years. He can be reached at or through his Web site at