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As sports fans, we all love polls.

Whether it be the controversial BCS Poll or The AP Polls, people have a way of talking about these at work, school, lunch, or dinner. Some people even chat about them on the Internet.

Sometimes we disagree completely, sometimes we half agree and when the so-called experts rank our team No. 1, we wholeheartedly agree.

In individual sports like wrestling and boxing there are also polls. In boxing, they rank the championship contenders after the reigning champion. In wrestling, unlike boxing, there really aren't title defenses until the state, regional or national tournaments depending on what level you are at. So, every match is important to win, but in essence are practices leading to the big dance.

The TOC organizers again released an all-class poll Jan. 23, 2012 ranking the best wrestlers in the Treasure State. These are fun to look at and picture possible matches. Thanks to Hoyt and Blewett PLLC in Great Falls for releasing the polls and quenching wrestling fans' thirst for debate.

Let the debate begin. The following is the TOC press release:

Billings Wrestlers Ranked in All-Class Wrestling Poll

 The organizers of the 4th Annual Tournament of Champions (TOC) from the personal injury law firm of Hoyt and Blewett PLLC in Great Falls have released an updated All-Class High School Wrestling Poll. The poll, which was generated with input from high school wrestling coaches from around the state, combines the wrestlers in Class AA, A, and B-C to recognize the top wrestlers in each weight class in Montana. Class AA leads with 7 number one ranked wrestlers. More information regarding the All-Class Wrestling Poll and the 4th Annual TOC is available at or www.facebook/tocwrestling

98- Schmidt, Senior; Degidio, Boz; Brenna, Havre; Roberts, Columbia Falls; Komac, Great Falls; Martinez, Wolf Point

105- Wegner, Senior; Armstrong, Butte; Bailey, Helena; Dobson, Great Falls; Snider, Harlem

112- Boggs, Helena; Jones, Sidney; Smart, GFH; Schulte, Sentinel; Minkoff, Senior

119- Schlosser, Conrad; Schroeck, Helena; Kukes, Laurel; Alverson, Belgrade; Tennant, Glendive

125- Weatherston, Belgrade; Waterson, Skyview; Kinn, Glendive; Markle, Capital

130- Cathey, Skyview; French, Forsyth; Kolp, Bozeman; Mitchell, Glacier

135- Morin, Great Falls; Weber, Forsyth; Kukes, Laurel; Johnston, Bozeman

140- Zeiger, Glasgow; Mendenhall, Great Falls; Nile, Forsyth; Davis, Corvallis

145- Leir, Libby; Malone, Fergus; Williams, Corvallis; Christianson, Broadwater

152- Hinebauch, Havre; Brauer, Forsyth; Sulser, Senior; Shelton, Skyview; Cooper, Laurel

160- Stanghill, Drummond; Peterson, St. Ignatius; Pribyl, Havre; Nagel, Corvallis

171- Francis, Flathead; Fulton, Forsyth; Kramer, Laurel; Pattison, Havre; French, Choteau

189- Stroh, Chinook; Schaub, Havre, Leinwand, West; Quade, Skyview; Gosselin, Laurel

215- Jones, Chinook; Boucher, Laurel; Walsh, Skyview; Maeir, Big Sky

HWT- Erickson, Helena; Yates, Colstrip; Clairmont, Polson; Neulib, Sidney

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