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The season's first all-class poll by the Tournament of Champions organizers has been released.

There are some interesting rankings for sure.

One that stands out is Laurel's Dylan Kramer being ranked first at 160 pounds. Kramer, a senior, was second at state A last year at 160 and is a three-time state placer. Kramer had not wrestled for the Locomotives in the season's first half due to an injury sustained in football and in an interview with The Gazette before the Skyview-Laurel dual leading up to the break coach Ted Hill said he would be back after Christmas. There just must be that much respect for the Laurel standout in the state for him to be ranked No. 1.

What do you think of the poll? Any changes?

Regardless of what you think of the poll, kudos go out to those who released it. It takes a lot of work and thought to compile these type of polls. Plus, they create interest and a buzz in the sport while promoting it as well. Also, kudos to the TOC organizers for holding the event. It is quite an undertaking I am sure.

Below is the release from the TOC organizers:

The organizers of the 4th Annual Tournament of Champions (TOC) from the personal injury law firm of Hoyt and Blewett PLLC in Great Falls have released an All-Class High School Wrestling Poll. The poll, which was generated with input from high school wrestling coaches from around the state, combines the wrestlers in Class AA, A, and B-C to recognize the top wrestlers in each weight class in Montana. Class AA leads with 6 number one ranked wrestlers (see below pasted poll). More information regarding the All-Class Wrestling Poll and the 4th Annual TOC is available at or www.facebook/tocwrestling

 98- Schmidt, Senior; Komac, Great Falls; McDaniel, Forsyth; Brenna, Havre

 105- Bailey, Helena; Wegner, Senior; Dobson, Great Falls; Snider, Harlem

 112- Boggs, Helena; Schulte, Sentinel; Jones, Sidney; Minkoff, Senior; Harney, Butte

 119- Schlosser, Conrad; Schroeck, Helena; Kukes, Laurel; Waterson, Skyview; Temme, West

 125- Kinn, Glendive; Gernot, Lewistown; Feistner, Polson; Shupe, Great Falls; Weatherston, Belgrade

 130- Cathey, Skyview; French, Forsyth; Kolp, Bozeman; Mitchell, Glacier

 135- Morin, Great Falls; Kukes, Laurel; Nile, Forsyth; Ishler, Frenchtown

 140- Zeiger, Glasgow; Mendenhall, Great Falls; Davis, Corvallis; Tezak, Dillon

 145- Leir, Libby; Malone, Lewistown; Christianson, Broadwater; Sipe, Glacier

 152- Hinebauch, Havre; Brauer, Forsyth; Shelton, Skyview; Cooper, Laurel

 160- Kramer, Laurel; Stanghill, Drummond; Sulser, Senior; St. Onge, Glacier; Nagel, Corvallis

 171- Francis, Flathead; Gosselin, Laurel; Dillon, Skyview; Paine, Senior

 189- Stroh, Chinook; Fulton, Forsyth; Schaub, Havre; Leinwand, West

 215- Jones, Chinook; Maier, Big Sky; Koslowsky, Dillon; Boucher, Laurel

 HWT- Yates, Colstrip; Erickson, Helena; Neulib, Sidney; Clairmont, Polson