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Billings Central's Randi White wears a Ram's traditional jorge s

Billings Central's Randi White wears the Rams' 'Jorge' shirt during warm-ups before Tuesday's game in Laurel against the Locomotives.


If you can stand the smell, wearing Jorge is an honor. Well, sort of.

“You definitely stand out in warm-ups and everybody gets their laughs at you,” said Randi White, a senior captain on the Billings Central girls soccer team, which has been practicing this particular tradition for the eight years that Laurie Stergar has been coach. “I think it brings you closer together. It’s a little bit of fun to all the seriousness and pressures of our game.”

Jorge (how it got its name is another long story) is large-collared, mult-colored shirt that dates back to the 1970s. It’s “earned” when a player makes a less-than-graceful move (in other words, some sort of tumble) during practice or a game, and it has to be witnessed by both a player and a coach. When someone sings out “Jorge,” you know the jersey is yours to wear during the next varsity game warm-up.

“I wanted something fun for the players, give them something to laugh about when they make mistakes,” Stergar explained. “I love mistakes, as they tell me players are working hard to be creative on the field.”

Jorge cannot be washed during the season, and must be stored in the same bag as the shin guards and cleats of the player who earned it. As of now, White said, the smell “is not horrible.”

White, a senior defender, is a frequent recipient of Jorge, saying “it’s pretty much part of my uniform now.” But it looks like it will be passed on to fellow senior Shaina Healey, who will take possession after a dubious move in the Rams’ 4-0 win over Laurel on Tuesday night.

“I think it’s one of the funnest traditions we have, I really do,” White said. “I think it’s funny, especially when a freshman gets it, and they’re new to varsity. They think it’s the end of the world, but it’s really not.”


The Billings West boys soccer team has won its last three matches to move into first place in the Eastern AA by one point over Bozeman. “The boys finally had a full week of practice for the first time all season,” first-year coach Marco Rosales said, noting his team’s congested early-season schedule. “We played so many games back to back in so little time. The boys are hitting their stride. They know they can compete with anybody.” … The race to 600 continues for Senior volleyball coach Jeff Carroll and Huntley Project coach Iona Stookey. Stookey has 598 career wins with two matches this week, while Carroll has 596 victories with four matches on Saturday.



Skyview at West, Thursday, 7 p.m. – No. 3 Skyview (3-0, 10-5) looks to stay unbeaten in the Eastern AA in this first meeting with the Golden Bears (3-2, 10-4).


Senior at Bozeman, Thursday, 6 p.m. – The Broncs (5-1-0, 15 points) need a win if they want to keep first-place Bozeman (7-0-0, 21 points) within their sights.


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