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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Honors teams



Class AA



Eastern AA Boys


All-State — Logan Deeney, junior, keeper, Senior; Alex Gallagher, senior, forward, West; Zach Moyers, senior, midfield, West; Anthony Keene, junior, midfield, West; Matt Brink, senior, center back, Senior; Tyler Gogin, senior, midfield, Senior; Kyle Emerick, senior, midfield, Senior; Logan Cole, senior, forward, Bozeman; Sam Werner, freshman, forward, Bozeman; Brandon Loeffler, junior, midfield, Butte; Jared Ruddock, senior, defender, Skyview; Nick Downs, sophomore, forward, CMR; Adam Murphy, junior, center back, Great Falls.

All-Conference — Sam Catlin, senior, defender, West; Teaje Ellison, senior, defender, West; Jayden Richter, senior, midfielder, Senior; Alex Erickson, junior, defender, Senior; Treve Icenoggle, sophomore, midfielder, Skyview; Jace Lukowski, senior, midfielder, CMR; Jordan Larson, senior, defender, CMR; Drake Phillips, sophomore, defender, Bozeman; Austin Schreder, sophomore, midfielder, CMR.

All-Conference honorable mention — Henry Hietala, sophomore, keeper, Bozeman; Justin Marcihko, junior, defender, Bozeman; Bryce Brandvold, junior, midfield, Great Falls; Jordan Shoulderblade, junior, forward, Skyview.


Western AA Boys


All-State (no positions listed) — Stewart Miller, senior, Helena; Dustin Bingham, senior, Helena; Tyler Smith, senior, Big Sky; Park Harmon, senior, Hellgate; Derik Chaney, senior, Capital; Devin, Palmer, senior, Capital; Caleb Sparks, junior, Capital; Dylan Allen, junior, Helena; Jordan Byland, senior, Sentinel; Chad Frank, senior, Hellgate; Hunter Madich, senior, Flathead; Kyle Hammond, senior, Hellgate.

All-Conference — Grady Bryson, senior, Helena; Jon Cardiello, senior, Helena; Damian Bourdon-Higbee, senior, Big Sky; Brad Homgren, senior, Glacier; Casey Higgins, junior, Hellgate; Eric Musket, junior, Sentinel; Jonas Loelkes, senior, Big Sky; Ian Cavigli, senior, Glacier; Mathew Deaton, senior, Capital; Cannon Colegrove, junior, Capital; Eric Reynolds, senior, Capital; Sean Peters, junior, keeper, Glacier; Scott Menzies, senior, keeper, Helena.


Eastern AA Girls


All-State  — Katie Messimer, junior, keeper, Great Falls; Sam Thomas, junior, midfielder, Bozeman; Alaina Webb, senior, defender, Bozeman; Alex Harvey, sophomore, midfielder, Senior; Rachel Koehler, sophomore, defender, Senior; Mandi Achten, junior, forward, Senior; Sawyer Ferguson, senior, forward, Skyview; Danielle Muri, senior, forward, West; Savannah Witt, junior, forward, West; Laura Prosinski, senior, midfielder, West; Haley Vining, senior, midfielder, CMR.

All-State honorable mention — Sarah Snoozy, senior, Senior; Natalee Faupei, sophomore, Butte; Marta Prosinski, senior, West; Ali Zimmerman, junior, CMR.

All-Conference — Kaylee Kimmet, senior, keeper, West; Callie Martin, senior, midfield, Bozeman; Erin Sturman, junior, midfield, Bozeman; Chez Keehn, junior, midfield, Senior; Megan Brakke, senior, defender, Senior; Ty Duran, senior, defender, Great Falls; Bethany Irion, sophomore, defender, Skyview; Rachel Hein, junior, defender, West; Lexi Pyette, junior, forward, CMR; Jordann Brown, senior, defender, CMR; Tess Sandefun, sophomore, defender, CMR.

Honorable mention all-conference — Andrea Emmett, senior, defender, Senior; Katie Hoff, junior, keeper, Skyview.


Western AA Girls


All-State — DJ Reinhardt, junior, goalkeeper, Sentinel; Lauryn Dombrowski, senior, defender, Big Sky; Kennedy Fullbright, junior, forward, Sentinel; Chelsea Shuman, senior, forward, Flathead; Tess Brenneman, junior, defender, Flathead; Meghan, Upham, senior, midfield, Helena; Molly Smith, junior, midfield, Sentinel; Tifany Zanto, junior, forward, Big Sky; Chelsie McCampbell, senior, forward, Big Sky; Lisa Dallapiazza, senior, forward, Hellgate; Lexi Starceski, junior, defender, Capital; Liana Bates, senior, defender, Glacier.

All-Conference — Patty Hughes, senior, goalkeeper, Glacier; Anna Deleray, sophomore, Glacier; Chantel Gustine, junior, Glacier; Mary Ternes, senior, Capital; Katie Wilkins, junior, Capital; Bailey Scott, junior, Hellgate; Stephanie Brewer, senior, Flathead; Kimi Luford, freshman, Flathead; Megan Gardner, junior, Flathead; Hilary Nelson, senior, Helena; Killian Gilreath, senior, Helena; Anna Hochalter, junior, Sentinel; Trae Rocheleau, junior, Sentinel; Becca Bixby, senior, Sentinel.


Southern A



All-State — Estes Bush, Corvallis, senior; Jacob Giese, Stevensville, junior; Brendan Jones, Stevensville, sophomore; Joe Robinson, Hamilton, junior; Damon Stevens, Hamilton, senior; Steffan Stewart, Hamilton, senior; Lukas Walden, Corvallis, senior.

All-Conference — Adam Brison, Hamilton, senior; Estes Bush, Corvallis, senior; Nick Carpenter, Missoula Loyola, senior; Jacob Giese, Stevensville, junior; Nash Johnson, Hamilton, junior; Brendan Jones, Stevensville, sophomore; Lane Norberg, Valley Christian, junior; Wes Porter, Stevensville, junior; Joe Robinson, Hamilton, junior; Damon Stevens, Hamilton, senior; Steffan Stewart, Hamilton, senior; Lukas Walden, Corvallis, senior.

All-Conference honorable mention — Chris Grenfell, Corvallis, senior; Paul Heffernan, Missoula Loyola, senior; Michael Rabarchik, Frenchtown, sophomore; Brady Baughman, Frenchtown, junior.


All-State — Kelsi Almond, Hamilton, senior; Kelsey Brangoccio, Hamilton, senior; Blaire Brookshire, Stevensville, senior; Michaela Delaney, Frenchtown, junior; Meghan Kratofil, Hamilton, junior; Kaci Miller, Missoula Loyola, sophomore; Casey Shifflett, Hamilton, junior.

All-Conference — Kelsi Almond, Hamilton, senior; Kelsey Brangoccio, Hamilton, senior; Blaire Brookshire, Stevensville, senior; Amanda Butt, Corvallis, senior; Michaela Delaney, Frenchtown, junior; Meghan Kratofil, Hamilton, junior; Ronie LaRette, Frenchtown, senior; Kaci Miller, Missoula Loyola, sophomore; Lexa Nazelrod, Missoula Loyola, sophomore; McKenzie Sebastian, Stevensville, senior; Casey Shifflett, Hamilton, junior; Maria Zepeda, Hamilton, senior.

All-Conference honorable mention — Carrie Cloninger, Missoula Loyola, senior; Ali Stahl, Hamilton, senior; Annie Sangster, Corvallis, freshman; Anna Tom, Stevensville, senior; Madalynn Meyer, Frenchtown, sophomore.


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