Third Annual Tournament of Champions

in Great Falls

Sponsored by Hoyt and Blewett PLLC



First round -- Dylan Schulte, Missoula Sentinel, d. Gage Currier, Colstrip, 11-1.

Semifinals -- Karson Kukes, Laurel, p. Dylan Schulte, Missoula Sentinel, 3:54; Grant Boggs, Helena, t.f. Maestro Martinez, Wolf Point, 15-0.

Championship -- Grant Boggs, Helena, d. Karson Kukes, Laurel, 9-2.


First round -- Glenn Hensley, Frenchtown, p. Tyler Forcella, Glendive, 5:14.

Semifinals -- Zak Harney, Butte, d. Dillon Tennant, Glendive, 8-6; Teague Jones, Harlem, p. Glenn Hensley, Frenchtown, 3:11.

Championship -- Zak Harney, Butte, d. Teague Jones, Harlem, 4-2.


First round -- Josh Mann, Colstrip, d. Gabe Schroeck, Helena, 2-0; Chris Nile, Forsyth, d. Craig Feistner, Polson, 4-0.

Semifinals -- Luke Schlosser, Conrad, d. Chris Nile, Forsyth, 3-1; Tyler Kinn, Glendive, d. Josh Mann, Colstrip, 14-9.

Championship -- Luke Schlosser, Conrad, p. Tyler Kinn, Glendive, 1:35.


Semifinals -- Jade Rauser, Townsend, m.d. Bryce Weatherston, Belgrade, 15-2; Duell Stadel, Havre, m.d. Braden Hallock, Glasgow, 14-1.

Championship -- Jade Rauser, Townsend, p. Duell Stadel, Havre, 1:01.


Semifinals -- Taylor French, Forsyth, p. Tanner Lund, Florence, 4:31; Justin Whitman, Columbia Falls, p. Tanner Johnson, Townsned, 3:54.

Championship -- Taylor French, Forsyth, d. Justin Whitman, Columbia Falls, 13-6.


First round -- Brandon Weber, Forsyth, d. Shawn Tezak, Dillon, 4-0.

Semifinals -- Val Rauser, Townsend, t.f. Zach Westre, Frenchtown, 20-5; Cole Mendenhall, Great Falls, d. Brandon Weber, Forsyth, 10-2.

Championship -- Val Rauser, Townsend, d. Cole Mendenhall, Great Falls, 11-3.


Championship -- Luke Zeiger, Glasgow, p. Travis Davis, Corvallis, 5:35.

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Semifinals -- Jesse Werdal, Choteau, d. Tyler Christians, Helena, 9-3; Dallen Brauer, Forsyth, p. Kyle Leir, Libby, 1:18.

Championship -- Dallen Brauer, Forsyth, d. Jesse Werdal, Choteau, 4-1.


Semifinals -- Eli Hinebauch, Havre, d. Dylan Mendenhall, Great Falls, 3-2.

Championship -- Eli Hinebauch, Havre, d. Cole Rice, Arlee, 4-1.


Semifinals -- Shane St. Onge, Kalispell Glacier, d. Jacen Petersen, St. Ignatius, 10-2; Brad Nordahl, Frenchtown, p. Josh Seeberger, Missoula Sentinel, 4:31.

Championship -- Brad Nordahl, Frenchtown, d. Shane St. Onge, Kalispell Glacier, 4-2.


Semifinals -- Dylan Kramer, Laurel, d. Barrett Stanghill, Drummond, 7-3; Connor Malone, Lewistown, p. Dylan Berget, Libby, 5:15.

Championship -- Connor Malone, Lewistown, d. Dylan Kramer, Laurel, 9-3.


Semifinals -- Taylor Vaughn, Eureka, d. Cole McArthur, Ronan, 5-4.

Championship -- Taylor Vaughn, Eureka, d. Chris Yocum, Butte, 9-3.


First round -- Levi Cade, Belgrade, d. Skyler Carroll, Livingston, 6-3.

Semifinals -- Toby Cheff, Ronan, d. Boyce Ballard, Kalispell Glacier, 8-0; Ben Stroh, Chinook, p. Levi Cade, Belgrade, 2:41.

Championship -- Ben Stroh, Chinook, d. Toby Cheff, Ronan, 17-6.


 Semifinals -- Jorrell Jones, Chinook, d. Trevor Conrad, Glendive, 6-0; KC Sutton Florence, d. Brock Calvi, Cut Bank, 5-4.

Championship -- Jorrell Jones, Chinook, d. KC Sutton, Florence, 9-1.


Semifinals -- Josiah Clairmont, Polson, p. Tucker Yates, Colstrip, 1:50.

Championship -- Josiah Clairmont, Polson, p. Chaz Hopstad, Glasgow, 2:37.



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