Hole in One

Using a 6-iron from 123 yards, Suzanne Rogers aced the 15th hole at Exchange City Par 3 Golf Course. Witnesses were Charlie Rogers and Penny Sipes.

Greg Chavez aced the fifth hole at Yegen Golf Club using an 8-iron from 153 yards away. Witnesses were Riley Kaercher and Angela King.

Sam Fedje hit a hole-in-one using an 7-iron on the 172-yard third hole at Yegen. Witnesses were Jordan Michael and Chase Vinger.


Hilands Swing: 1, Kee Dunning/Alexis Hightower; 2, Darlene Rector/Susie Kemmis; 3(tie), Candice Godfrey/Carrie Valdez; 3(tie), Kerry Gruizenga/Janelle Berger; 5(tie), Janet Haar/Cindy Reno; 5(tie) Carolyn Campbell/Jeanne Peterson; 5(tie) Tarra Grazley-Pfister/Pier Brewer.


Oilman's Classic/MAPL

Flags: 1, Emery Ismael; 2, Peter O'Brien; 3, Jake Hagenbuch; 4, Gene Carlson; 5, Jesse Gleason; 6, Joe Stricker; 7, Bob Lasher; 8, Chuck Beck; 9, Terry Steiner; 10, Frank Costello; 11, Clair Opsal; 12, Andy Balsam; 13, Costello; 14, Bruce Barrow; 15, Al Hilty; 16, Balsam; 17, Balsam; 18A, Brian Tschider; 18B, Ismael; 18C, Dave Larsen; 18D, Jamie Hoyey.


Women's Club Championship

Round 1: Heather Staus 84, Barb Lawson 86, Michelle Geer 91, Judy Hugelen 95, Darcy Conway 96, Jenn Hewett 97, Nancy Willkom 103, Elvira Wilcox 108, Kathy Kuck 121, Lynn Redman 124.

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