Yegen Club Championship

Men's Overall Gross Champion: Jordy Donoven

Men's Overall Net Champion: Blake Loberg

Men's Senior Gross Champion: Mike Nitschke

Men's Senior Net Champion: Raymond Shrader

Women's Overall Gross Champion: Heather Biggerstaff

Women's Overall Net Champion: Nancy Willkom

Men's results: Jordy Donoven 67-66-133; Blake Loberg 67-74-141; Riley Kaercher 71-70-141; Hotae Kim 74-69-143; Tayler Noble 74-75-149; Mike Nitschke 74-77-151; Jason Flick 78-73-151; Mitch Peterson 77-75-152; Jon Kelly 74-82-156; Travis Caraveau 81-78-159; Gordon Weedman 80-80-160; Dennis Ahlgren 81-79-160; Trey Gregg 79-82-161; Riley Mayo 77-84-161; Charlie Staus 88-78-165; Steven Anderson 81-88-169; Greg Karterud 87-85-172; Hazen Patterson 87-87-174; Mike Staus 92-91-184; Ray Schuld 92-93-185; Raymond Shrader 92-101-193; Jim St. John 98-98-196; Mike Helmey 98-98-196; Riley Patterson 108-89-196; Mike Lee 100-117-217

Trap shooting

25th Annual Chase Hawks Memorial

Individual awards

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High Shooter: Jason Folvag 49

High Lady: Kellee Pierce 47

High Junior: Kyle Wagner 47

High Vet: Rod Vetter 48

Sportsmanship: Becca Shipp

Parent/Child: Warren/Riley Rutschke 94; Dave/Seth Noyes 94 (tie)

Couples: Jason & Amy 86

Jessey Roods Gun-Draw: JR Reinhardt

New Shooter: Curt Droogsman 44

Jessey Roods Gun: Jace Roods 24


1. Ramsey Rutschke, Bart Skinner, Dillion Gee, Austin O'Dea, Curt Droogsma; 2. Lynn Sorlie, Warren Rutschke, Ty Adams, Wade Klingman, Shawn Roods; 3. Riley Rutschke, Dave Noyes, Reed Walen, David Hellod, Violet Scott; 4. Kellee Pierce, Brady McDowel, Kyle Wayne, Cory Wayne, Michel Carpenter; 5. Larry Wilkinson, Bob Moran, Todd Nelson, Chris Valdez, Jase Roods; 6. Wade Smith, DJ Martin, Shelby O'Dea, Don Cooper, Eli Zachary

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