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National Junior College Athletic Association


Nov. 6

Top 10 teams: Northeastern Oklahoma A&M 73, Iowa Lakes 41, Western Wyoming Community College 41, Clackamas (Ore.) 36, Harper (Ill.) 30, Iowa Central 28, Nassau (N.Y.) 28, Northweswt Kansas Tech 28, Spartanburg Methodist (S.C.) 28, Barton (Kan.) 26, Ellsworth (Iowa) 26. Others: 15th, Northwest (Wyo.) College 21.

Top-ranked individuals

and ranked Western Wyoming CC and 

Northwest College wrestlers

125: Dillon Prutch, Labette. Others: 2, Jaxon Cole, Western Wyoming.

133: Munkbat Bar-Erdene, Northwest Kansas Tech. 

141: Sammy Eckhart, Northeastern. Others: 2, Palmer Schafer, Northwest Wyoming.

149: Kendon Lee, Northeastern Oklahoma. Others: 4, Jake Thompson, Western Wyoming.

157: David Hollingsworth, Iowa Lakes. Others: 2, Samuel Freeman, Western Wyoming.

165: Michael Foy, Harper. Others: 7, Jace Anderson, Western Wyoming.

174: Michael Abidin, Nassau. 

184: Alex Kauffman, Northeastern Oklahoma. 

197: Zeke Silva, Northeastern Oklahoma. Others: 7, Connor Kirkland, Western Wyoming; 8, Porter Fox, Northwest Wyoming.

Hwt.: Charles Griffin, Ellsworth. Others: 6, Daniel Jordan, Northwest Wyoming.

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