Women's State Tournament

Final results

Held in Whitefish/Bigfork

Team, 539 & Under, Handicapped: 1,Off Duty,2,838, ,Whitefish; 2,Team Russell,2,817, ,Missoula; 3,Twisted Sisters,2,772, Great Falls; 3,HUB Insurance II,2,772, ,Havre; 5,Kiss My Average,2,747, Helena.

Team, 540 - 599, Handicapped: 1,Storfers Service,2,798, Lewistown; 2,Pete Mallory Trucking #2, 2,722, Great Falls; 2,Elbow Benders,2,722, Florence; 4,Alley Cougers, 2,719, ,Havre; 5,Family Ties, 2,717,Shelby.

Team, 600 & Up, Handicapped: 1,Sleeping Giant Lanes #2, 2,885, Helena;2,Foothills Tree Farm, 2,853, Billings; 3,Pink Ladies, 2,772, Missoula; 4,Bitney's Furtniture, 2,763, Great Falls; 5,Billings Plus Two, 2,738, Shepherd.

Team, Scratch, Scratch: 1,Bitney's Furtniture, 2,372, Great Falls; 2,Contract Flooring, 2,298, Great Falls; 3,Carlson Law Office, 2,294, Great Falls; 4,Walk and Roll Pro Shop, 2,251, Great Falls; 5,Green Up Lawn Service, 2,201, Great Falls.

Doubles, 269 & Under, Handicapped: 1,Ehlert Pam/Woodwick Keri, 1,414, Havre; 2,Sheble Lisa J./Cline Lisa M., 1,401, Cut Bank; 3,Urban LeAnn S./Salle Jan, 1,400, Anaconda; 4,Schriver Julie A./Andreas Jenae L. , 1,395, Glendive; 5,Sichting Dixie L./Peterson Joani M., 1,388, Libby.

Doubles, 270 - 299, Handicapped: 1,Samsel Michele/Axtell Randi L., 1,400, Hamilton; 2,Jewell Lisa M./Dick Wendy D., 1,396, Great Falls; 3,Sestrich Jolene M./Bannon Rebecca S., 1,390, Anaconda; 4,Smith Terez E./Parsons Patti L., 1,386, Billings; 5,Rae Elizabeth J./Sroczyk Theresa J., 1,385, Helena.

Doubles, 300 & Above, Handicapped: 1,Haugenoe Bonnie L./Haugenoe Kirstyn D., 1,392, Shepherd; 2,Bigelow Pamela "Pam" J./Rigor Tracy A., 1,389, Great Falls;3,Turner Tanya L./Oleson Beverly L., 1,371, Columbia Falls; 4,Woodward Shannon A./Tripp Laurie L., 1,367, Great Falls; 5,Haugenoe Bonnie L./Eff Jamie L., 1,365, ,Great Falls.

Doubles, Scratch, Scratch: 1,Schaff Billie J./Porter Mary E., 1,185, Arlee; 2,Haugenoe Bonnie L./Eff Jamie L., 1,147, Great Falls; 3,Carlson Patti/Streit Guyla A., 1,121, Great Falls; 4,Kimmerle Doris A./Lankford Barbara A., 1,120, Great Falls; 5,Shaffer Brenda E./Tripp Kalee D., 1,114, Great Falls;

Singles, 134 & Under, Handicapped: 1,Dern Bonnie L., 775, Whitefish; 2,Muro Mary Beth, 760, Thompson Falls; 3,Coen Teresa J., 751, Cut Bank; 4,Miranti Michele M., 746, Great Falls; 5,Martin Cindy V., 722, Columbia Falls.

Singles, 135 - 149, Handicapped: 1,Sroczyk Theresa J., 758, Helena; 2,Shatto Monica K.; 741, Missoula; 3,Buck Lita, 737, Chinook; 4,Franke Terrie E., 732,Troy; 5,Sampson Heidi J., 730, Glendive.

Singles, 150 & Above, Handicapped: 1,Friedrich Crystal L., 755, Billings; 2,Myers Verna R., 745, Troy; 3,Hicks Christy L., 737, Livingston; 4,Sestrich Jolene M., 724, Anaconda; 5,Turner Tanya L., 717,Columbia Falls.

Singles, Scratch Singles, Scratch: 1,Lankford Barbara A., 650, Great Falls; 2,Hicks Christy L., 627, Livingston; 3,Bruch Brandy M., 597, Clinton; 4,Carlson Patti, 594, Great Falls; 5,Bockemuehl Karen, 580, Clinton.

All Events - Hdcp, 134 & Below, Handicapped: 1,Shields Coralan E., 2,109, Columbia Falls; 2,Muro Mary Beth, 2,108, Thompson Falls; 3, Woodwick Keri, 2,104, Havre; 4,Thomson Martina, 2,103, Livingston;5,Fladland Susan K., 2,101, Boulder;

All Events - Hdcp, 135-149, Handicapped: 1,Buck Lita, 2,174, Chinook; 2,Parsons Patti L., 2,102, Billings; 3,Hall Rita J., 2,094, Kalispell; 4,Jarvis Nicol, 2,079, Coutts, AB; 5,Hoff Jane P., 2,077, Glendive;

All Events - Hdcp, 150 & Above, Handicapped: 1,Friedrich Crystal L., 2,159, Billings; 2,Collick Paige M., 2,108, Helena; 3,Hicks Christy L., 2,099, Livingston; 4,Olson Kayla M., 2,091, Lewistown; 5,Kruse Mary J., 2,085, Great Falls.

All Events -- Scratch, Scratch, Scratch: 1,Lankford Barbara A., 1,784, Great Falls; 2,Haugenoe Kirstyn D., 1,772, Shepherd; 3,Hicks Christy L.,1,769, Livingston; 4,Carlson Patti, 1,742, Great Falls; 5,Bruch Brandy M., 1,737, Clinton.

Open State Tournament

Results through week 7 of 8

at Butte

Team, A Division, Handicapped: 1,Ten in da Pit, 3,147, Butte; 2,Skyline Bowl, 3,035, Kalispell; 3,bowlerX.com (2), 2,926, Bozeman; 4,bowlerX.com (7), 2,919, Bozeman; 5,First Choice,2,918, Great Falls.

Team, B Division, Handicapped: 1,Treasure Lanes, 3,031, Livingston; 2,Worth A Try, 3,006, Livingston; 3,Hodge Podge, 2,984, Livingston; F Town 3, 2,941, Rosebud; 5,Team Extreme 2, 2,939, Belgrade; 5,East Side #2, 2,939, Belt.

Team, C Division, Handicapped: 1,Mitchell's #2, 3,182, Baker; 2,Troy Budweiser, 2,987, Troy; 3,Big Sky Equipment, 2,943, Conrad; 4,4 Aces,125,2,938, ,Hardin; 5,Olson Transport, 2,930, Culbertson.

Team, Scratch Team, Scratch: 1,bowlerX.com (2), 2,697, Bozeman; 2,bowlerX.com (1), 2,648, Bozeman; 3,bowlerX.com (7), 2,639, Bozeman; 4,TIB #6, 2,557, Butte; 5,#StormNation,477,2,550, ,Butte, MT

Doubles, A Division, Handicapped: 1,Lindgren Kevin T./Sroczyk Thomas G., 1,566, Helena; 2,Ward Steve K./Thom Leroy D., 1,556, Libby; 3,Rooney Jeremiah J./Humphrey Derek S., 1,537, Billings; 3,Potvin James A. Jr/Tripp Kalee D., 1,537, Butte; 5,McKenzie Jim A./ Martinich Dave W., 1,530, Butte;

Doubles, B Division, Handicapped: 1,Irlbeck Amanda L./Steeples John T., 1,617, Bozeman; 2,Roedel Dwayne F./Nicholson William P., 1,536, Ennis; 3,Fossum Robert/Shipp Dusty T., 1,535, Glasgow; 4,Decker Ron/Chappell Mike E., 1,526, Livingston; 5,Nuckolls Brandon J./Beaudry Randy M., 1,522, Missoula.

Doubles, C Division, Handicapped: 1,Anderson Payden/Grove Chris L., 1,555, Plentywood; 2,Bear Jason A./Wood Shawn, 1,544, Laurel; 3,Thomas Tyler/Malone Mark A., 1,521, Lewistown; 4,Hafemann Jayme R./Kunz Steven R., 1,516, Hardin; 5,Balcerzak Michael S./Balcerzak Casey J., 1,508, Helena;

Doubles, Scratch Doubles, Scratch: 1,Lindgren Kevin T./Sroczyk Thomas G., 1,402, Helena; 2,Jensen Jonathan P./Stone Nick D., 1,384, Bozeman; 3,Thompson Dirk J./Thomas Brian L., 1,379, Bozeman; 4,Krell Steve S./Wiberg Chad, 1,370, Billings; 5,Krankowski Mike A./Martinich Joe M., 1,353, Butte.

Singles, A Division, Handicapped: 1,Sickler Laurie A., 857, Bozeman; 2,Shaffer Brenda E., 829, Butte; 3,Petrillo Jason T., 826, Ennis; 4,Robbins Edward J., 818, Butte; 5,Stockton Kevin S., 816, Libby.

Singles, B Division, Handicapped: 1,White Zach O., 859, Eureka; 2,Maul Chuck D., 828, Frenchtown; 3,Lindquist Jake R., 824, Belgrade; 4,Steeples John T., 820, Bozeman; 5,Elkins Scott C., 819, Libby;

Singles, C Division, Handicapped: 1,Bolan Ronald R., 874, Helena; 2,Owens Hondo, 872, Havre; 3,Kunz Steven R., 824, Hardin; 4,Chambers Wes J., ,818, Helena; 5,Fradenburgh Daniel S., 816, Baker;

Singles, Scratch Singles, Scratch:  1,Corkin Ronald H., 751, Great Falls; 2,Thomas Brian L., 747, Bozeman; 3,Robbins Brian, 743, Butte; 4,Shaffer Brenda E., 735, Butte; 4,Stockton Kevin S., 735, Libby;

All Events-Hdcp, A Division, Handicapped: 1,Orham James R., 2,318, Bozeman; 2,VanDyken Vince D., 2,300, Belgrade; 3,Petrillo Jason T., 2,292, Ennis; 4,Martinich Dave W., 2,290, Butte; 5,Robbins Edward J., 2,287, Butte.

All Events-Hdcp, B Division, Handicapped: 1,Wanner Drew R., 2,438, Great Falls; 2,Steeples John T., 2,391, Bozeman; 3,White Zach O., 2,364, Eureka; 3,Lindquist Jake R., 2,364, ,Belgrade; 5,Rooney Jeremiah J.,2,362, Billings;

All Events-Hdcp, C Division, Handicapped: 1,Scheetz Dustin, 2,462, Baker; 2,Thompson Cody L., 2,427, Havre; 3,Bolan Ronald R., 2,412, Helena; 4,Sloan Gregory S., 2,391, Hardin; 5,Fradenburgh Daniel S., 2,390, Baker.

All Events-Scratch, Scratch All Events, Scratch: 1,Kitts Andrew J., 2,155,Livingston; 2,Thomas Brian L., 2,118, Bozeman; 3,Adolph Terry L., 2,077, Savage; 4,Orham James R., 2,051, Bozeman; 5,Doble Daniel R., 2,035, Great Falls.

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