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Swimmers tune up for state meet
Keegan Kampschroer of Billings Senior swims to victory in the boys 100-yard freestyle in Saturday's Billings-Great Falls dual swim meet at the Rocky Mountain College pool. Kampschroer also won the 50-yard freestyle.

Saturday's swimming dual between the Billings Public Schools and their counterparts from Great Falls served as a tune-up for the State AA meet.

And though Great Falls CMR and Great Falls High won the head-to-head competitions at the Rocky Mountain College pool, Billings coach Matt Santala said it was a good gauge for his teams as they get ready for the finale in two weeks in Great Falls.

"It went really well," Santala said. "We got back down to some really good times. We had a lot of PRs for the year so far, so it shows us we're in a really good spot right now heading into our taper.

"It also gave us an idea of where we stand against some of the teams that are better than us in the water. It's a good picture of what we're going to be looking at in two weeks' time."

CMR's boys beat Senior 157-81 and topped West 160-64. Great Falls, meanwhile, swam past Skyview 152-88. On the girls' side, CMR beat Senior 169-89 and West 156-123. Great Falls beat Skyview 191-43.

But Santala liked what he saw from several swimmers.

Senior's Keegan Kampschroer was victorious in his two events, the 50-meter freestyle, which he finished in 22.35 seconds, and the 100 freestyle, which he won in 48.84.

Kampschroer outraced CMR's Taylor Schumacher in both runs.

West's Kenton Smith earned a personal-best time to win the 100 breaststroke in 1:00.92, while teammate Derek Yampradit placed second in the 200 breaststroke in 1:55.66, which was a PR.

Derek Lair of CMR won the 200 individual medley and the 100 backstroke. In the latter event, Lair topped Skyview's Matt Luterbach, who also placed fourth in the 50 freestyle.

CMR won the 200 freestyle and the 200 medley relays.

West's Jordan Denny had a solid day for the girls. Denny won the 200 IM in 2:13.13, finishing 20 seconds ahead of the pack. She also captured the 100 backstroke in 1:00.49.

Brenna Boese of Senior had second-place finishes in the 100 freestyle and the 100 backstroke, while Skyview's Laura Bennis won the 100 breaststroke one second ahead of Senior's Amanda Hunter. Bennis also had a second-place time in the 50 freestyle.

Emily Brennan of CMR won the 50 freestyle and the 500 freestyle to lead the Rustlers. Teammates Danielle Shalbelski and Nicole Thompson finished 1-2 in the 200 freestyle race.

West won the 200 freestyle relay.

As Santala's teams begin preparing for the season's final event - known as a "taper" in swimming parlance - the coach said his kids will be focused over the course of the next two weeks.

"Going into the taper they're going to see a lot of excitement," Santala said. "Come Monday we're going to have the kids in the water that are going to state, and I think they're going to have a fun time working with each other and making sure that all three of the schools are ready to do the best we can."


Dual scores

Great Falls CMR 157, Billings Senior 81

Great Falls 152, Billings Skyview 88

Great Falls CMR 160, Billings West 64


200 medley relay - CMR A 1:44.49, West A 1:48.18, Senior A 1:53.9, Skyview A 1:59.71, Great Falls A 1:59.85, CMR B 2:02.97.

200 freestyle - Jeff Wigen, GF, 1:55.55; Derek Yampradit, West, 1:55.66; Abraham Griffith, CMR, 2:01.71; Simon Ljunggren, CMR, 2:05.69; Jeremy Reeve, GF, 2:06.53; Stephen Borsum, Sky, 2:07.83.

200 IM - Derek Lair, CMR, 2:01.9; Kenton Smith, West, 2:05.79; Cooper Malin, Sen, 2:19.84; Robby Quirk, GF, 2:32.73; Cole Suek, GF, 2:34.35; Andy Rucinski, CMR, 2:53.55.

50 freestyle - Keegan Kampschroer, Sen, 22.35; Taylor Schumacher, CMR, 24.04; Shafer Higgins, GF, 24.44; Matt Luterbach, Sky, 24.56; Allen Stelling, GF, 24.67; Jacob McHugh, Sky, 24.8.

100 butterfly - Jacob Wilkinson, CMR, 56.18; Michael Mehaffey, GF, 56.2; Zach Rivera, West, 59.45; Jonathan Osborn, CMR, 1:04.97; Neal Hines, Sen, 1:07.11; Robby Quirk, GF, 1:12.06.

100 freestyle - Keegan Kampschroer, Sen, 48.84; Taylor Schumacher, CMR, 52.59; Shafer Higgins, GF, 53.87; Jacob McHugh, Sky, 54.96; Abraham Griffith, CMR, 55.19; Derek Yampradit, West, 55.22.

500 freestyle - Michael Mehaffey, GF, 5:12.4; Cooper Malin, Sen, 5:29.03; Jeff Wigen, GF, 5:30.43; Simon Ljunggren, CMR, 5:30.74; Jeremy Reeve, GF, 5:35.4; Bridger Brennan, CMR, 6:22.97.

200 freestyle relay - Great Falls A 1:38.52, CMR A 1:41.77, West A 1:43.34, Skyview A 1:49.64, Senior A 1:50.67, Great Falls 1:54.37.

100 backstroke - Derek Lair, CMR, 57.15; Matt Luterbach, Sky, 1:02.37; Jacob Wilkinson, CMR, 1:02.86; Allen Stelling, GF, GF, 1:08.27; Cole Suek, GF, 1:14.77; Andy Rucinski, CMR, 1:22.12.

100 breaststroke - Kenton Smith, West, 1:00.92; Earl Lara, CMR, 1:05.07; Nick Tiezan, Sen, 1:12.67; Austin Thompson, CMR, 1:13.06; Matt Dupuis, Sky, 1:16.48; Jonathan Osborn, CMR, 1:16.65.

400 freestyle relay - CMR A 3:30.74, Great Falls A 3:39.55, Senior A 3:48.19, CMR B 4:07.4, Skyview A 4:15.41, Great Falls B 4:22.4.


Dual scores

Great Falls CMR 169, Billings Senior 89

Great Falls 191, Billings Skyview 43

Great Falls CMR 156, Billings West 123


200 medley relay - CMR A 2:00.27, West A 2:03.2, Great Falls A 2:04.18, Senior A 2:04.84, Great Falls B 2:11.26, West B 2:11.44.

200 freestyle - Danielle Shalbelski, CMR , 2:04.9; Nicole Thompson, CMR, 2:08.44; Samantha Gee, West,2:10.84; Elizabeth Hawker, West, 2:12.45; April Kuck, West, 2:12.98; Katy Lucas, GF, 2:15.95.

200 IM - Jordan Denny, West, 2:13.13; Allison Dimich, Sen, 2:33.98; Skye Ljunggren, CMR, 2:39.74; McKenzie Lyons, GF, 2:42.16; Sam Dunn, CMR, 2:44.21; Julie Ryan, GF, 2:44.93.

50 freestyle - Emily Brennan, CMR, 26.87; Luaren Bennis, Sky, 27.1; Samantha Hodgson, West, 27.71; Sarah Weller, West, 27.76; Cheyenne Schleining, GF, 28.36; Jessica Stephenson, CMR, 28.72.

100 butterfly - Carley Mosher, GF, 1:02.21; Danielle Shalbelski, CMR, 1:08.17; Samantha Hodgson, West, 1:08.55; Sarah Weller, West, 1:09.45; Samantha Sticka, West, 1:14.55; Bronte Wigen, GF, 1:15.73.

100 freestyle - Dakota Bloch, CMR, 55.86; Brenna Boese, Sen, 57.35; Julie Upshaw, West, 1:00.33; Samantha Gee, West, 1:00.38; Rachel Stewart, GF, 1:00.73; Brookes Pennell, GF, 1:01.45.

500 freestyle - Emily Brennan, CMR, 5:27.31; Nicole Thompson, CMR, 5:39.7; Katy Lucas, GF, 6:04.36; Hannah Swant, CMR, 6:12.95; Zoe Duberstein, Sen, 6:14.9; Emilie Jacobsen, GF, 6:17.48.

200 freestyle relay - West A 1:51.61, CMR A 1:53.5, Great Falls A 1:53.89, Senior A 1:55.51, CMR B 2:00.3, Great Falls B 2:01.09.

100 backstroke - Jordan Denny, West, 1:00.49; 49; Brenna Boese, Senior, 1:02.27; Carley Mosher, GF, 1:02.86; Dakota Bloch, CMR, 1:03.45; Julie Upshaw, CMR, 1:07.19; Allison Dimich, CMR, 1:08.11.

100 breaststroke - Lauren Bennis, Sky, 1:15.63; Amanda Hunter, Sen, 1:16.55; Ryanne Daily, CMR, 1:18.67; Skye Ljunggren, CMR, 1:19.41; Jennifer Sorli, West, 1:20.19; McKenzie Lyons, GF, 1:21.0.

400 freestyle relay - CMR A 3:57.16, West A 4:09.28, Great Falls A 4:16.44, CMR B 4:26.35, Great Falls B 4:44.47, Senior A 4:49.24.

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