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We ask the same questions to three members of the same team and see how they compare.

What's been the key to your team's 7-0 start?

Bailey Snelling, Sophomore: Hard work in practice, getting along on the court and playing hard.

Shawni Schraner, Junior: We like each other, we like playing together and we all like basketball. And we're all willing to work hard.

Kelsey Cavill, Junior: Probably our speed, good shooting and defense.

Which gym has been the toughest for you to play in?

Bailey Snelling, Sophomore: I'd have to say Custer. They just have a small floor and there's really no room to shoot. It's just a hard place to play.

Shawni Schraner, Junior: It's a tie between Ryegate and Reed Point. I don't like Ryegate because it's really small, and I feel the rims in Reed Point are really tight.

Kelsey Cavill, Junior: Ryegate because it was small, but I got used to it. Harlowton is a lot bigger, but I got used to it, too.

What's the longest you've stuck with a New Year's resolution?

Bailey Snelling, Sophomore: To tell you the truth, I've never had a New Year's resolution. I've been good to go every year.

Shawni Schraner, Junior: I don't really make them.

Kelsey Cavill, Junior: I can't even remember my resolution from last year, so I probably didn't keep it. And I didn't make any this year, so not very long.

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