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We ask the same questions to three members of the same team and see how they compare.

This week's team: Laurel boys basketball

What's a New Year's resolution for your team?

Zale Kaupish, Senior: Not to go brain dead.

Jake Mogan, Senior: Making free throws.

Tim Simonich, Senior: Making our free throws.

Rank the top three teams (in order) in the Eastern A right now.

Zale Kaupish, Senior: Billings Central, us and Hardin.

Jake Mogan, Senior: Thats's tough, because we haven't seen everyone, but until we prove otherwise, Billings Central is on top, then us, then Hardin.

Tim Simonich, Senior: Central right now, us and then Hardin.

Who will be playing in the Super Bowl?

Zale Kaupish, Senior: Cardinals and Steelers.

Jake Mogan, Senior: Eagles and Steelers, with the Steelers taking it all.

Tim Simonich, Senior: I don't follow it too closely, but Pittsburgh is pretty good and I would say the Eagles get there.