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We ask the same questions to three members of the same team and see how they compare.

This week's team: Meeteese, Wyo., Girls basketball

Favorite day of the week to play a game?

Rachel Ward, Junior: I'd have to go with Friday because you have the rest of the weekend to hang with your friends and think about how you played.

Brodie Bennett, Sophomore: Probably on a Thursday or Friday because we get a good crowd and people are just coming out of school so it's fresh in their minds.

Keely Newkirk, Freshman: Probably Saturday night because we have the biggest crowd and it makes me play better.

More exciting event… Presidential inauguration or Super Bowl?

Rachel Ward, Junior: I'd have to go with the inauguration.

Brodie Bennett, Sophomore: Probably the inauguration.

Keely Newkirk, Freshman: Super Bowl for sure since the Steelers are in it this year.

Something about Meeteese that our readers may not know?

Rachel Ward, Junior: It's really small and family-like. It's like being with your brothers and sisters.

Brodie Bennett, Sophomore: I think it's a nice town because everyone knows everyone, it's a family-type of relationship.

Keely Newkirk, Freshman: We have a hunting break (for school) that is longer than our spring break.

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