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First-year Billings West head wrestling coach Jeremy Hernandez liked the continued improvement he saw from his wrestling team Friday in a pair of duals against the Great Falls schools at Billings Senior.

Afterwards, he predicted that if "we wrestle like we did tonight, we should beat up on Butte," Saturday during Senior Night at the Golden Dome.

Well, his team didn't disappoint. Behind seven pins, the Golden Bears were able to defeat the Bulldogs 51-32 in an Eastern AA dual before a lively crowd.

Hernandez said the Bears have been working on high and power half nelsons.

"We went back over Christmas break and re-laid the foundation," Hernandez said. "They came out to compete and showed that tonight by beating up on Butte."

Second-year West senior captain Patryk Webster claimed the night's quickest pin with a fall in 40 seconds over Tom Cooney at 189 pounds. Webster jumped out to a quick lead, going up 5-0 on a takedown, near-fall combo and led 7-1 when he stamped Cooney.

"We were just able to put people on their backs and keep them there," said Webster, who would like to either play football or wrestle in college.

"I was happy and proud our team wrestled tough this dual," Webster added.

In football, Webster lined up as a linebacker for the state runner-up Bears. In recent weeks he has since been joined by fellow senior linebackers Zeke Snoozy (215) and Jordan Spoonemore (171), both of whom competed Saturday. Both want to play college football, Hernandez said.

Spoonemore, who seemed to constantly be getting a takedown, was up 17-7 after two periods and 27-13 when he recorded a pin in 5:48 over Jon Kotka. Snoozy was pinned in 4:59 by Mike Waldman.

Hernandez said a goal of his would be getting more football players out for wrestling with the hopes of improving his squad and helping the recruits maintain and improve their conditioning.

"Spoonemore and Snoozy came out three weeks ago to get better for football," Hernandez said. "Wrestling will help them out. It takes a lot of guts to come out halfway through the season for wrestling."

Ty Girard (112), David Schmitt (119), Tony Scheffelman (130), Brian Ostler (145) and Mike Baker (152) also notched falls for West. The Bears are confident as they head towards a dual Monday night at top-ranked Billings Skyview and the Cowboy Invitational in Miles City next weekend.

"You can't go wrong from here," Webster said. "You can only go up. That's what it's been for us, just building blocks."

98 - Zak Marney, B, p. Steven Ferestad, 2:55; 105 - Nick Richardson, West, won by forfeit; 112 - Ty Girard, West, p. Jordan LeProwse, 3:34; 119 - David Schmitt, West, p. Logan Shrader, 3:37; 125 - Chris Renz, B, t.f. Nate Long, 20-5; 130 - Tony Scheffelman, W, p. Clay Brozovich, 3:41; 135 - Dan Gordon, West, d. Cody LeProwse, 8-5; 140 - Jake Dallaserra, B, p. Lane Penrod, 3:34; 145 - Brian Ostler, West, p. Kyler Gardipee, 1:52; 152 - Mike Baker, West, p. Jacob Hobbs, 2:52; 160 - Zach Fellow, B, d. Tim Tanner, 8-2; 171 - Jordan Spoonemore, West, p. Jon Kotka, 5:48; 189 - Patryk Webster, West, p. Tom Cooney, :40; 215 - Mike Waldman, B, p. Zeke Snoozy, 4:59; Hwt. - Cody Hass, B, p. Gage McCann, 3:37.

More duals

Helena Capital 42, CMR 39

98-Alex Markle, Capital, pinned Woody Buck, 1:09; 105-Austin Lundin, Capital, won by forfeit; 112-Steve Emge, Capital, won by forfeit; 119-Cody West, CMR, won by forfeit; 125-Mike Budeski, CMR, dec. Evan Asay, 8-3; 130-Simon Asay, Capital, pinned Jake Dickson, 5:09; 135-Austin Bailey, CMR, dec. Maverick Mansfield, 6-1; 140-Mitch Rohrback, CMR, dec. Caleb Spangler, 13-2; 145-Nash Hallfrisch, CMR, pinned Kyle Enge, :55; 152-Jimmy Netz, CMR, dec. Pat Leg, 16-2; 160-Cody Fiske, Capital, pinned Marquis Archeleta, :52; 171-Tait Strom, Capital, pinned Ryan Otto, 2:56; 189-Phil Selin, CMR, won by forfeit; 215-Colton Fenner, CMR, pinned Zach Smith, 1:26; Hwt-Nick Alamia, pinned Jared Wisherd, 4:47

Helena 41, CMR 32

98-Woody Buck, CMR, won by tech fall (15-0) over Jim Mayer; 105-Wyatt Boyer, Helena, won by forfeit; 112-Brady Bertagnolli, Helena, won by forfeit; 119-Cody West, CMR, won by forfeit; 125-Niko Guymon, Helena, dec. Mike Budeski, 16-3; 130-Tyler Christians, Helena, dec. Jake Dickson, 3-0; 135-Austin Bailey, CMR, dec. Jared Maddio, 3-1; 140-Mitch Rohrback, CMR, dec. Chance Burrows, 13-6; 145-Nash Hallfrisch, CMR, pinned J.T. Street, :30; 152-Jimmy Netz, CMR, dec. Kale Kamerzel, 10-3; 160-Jacob Siberling, Helena, pinned Marquis Archeleta, 2:42; 171-Matt Upham, Helena, pinned Ryan Otto, 3:48; 189-Colton Fenner, CMR, won by forfeit; 215-Andy Riordan, Helena, dec. Phil Selin, 3-1; Hwt-Toby Erickson, Helena, won by forfeit

Great Falls 48, Helena 27

98-Cole Mendenhall, GFH, dec. Jimmy Mayer, 6-0; 105-Dylan Mendenhall, CMR, dec. Wyatt Boyer, 11-0; 112-Josh Morin, GFH, pinned Brady Bertagnolli, 4:54; 119-Tanner Jacobsen, GFH, won by forfeit; 125-Niko Guymon, Helena, pinned Logan Oswald, :53; 130-Tyler Christians, Helena, pinned Stephen Horn, 3:26; 135-Zech Shalz, GFH, dec. Jared Maddio, 7-0; 140-Julian Wichman, GFH, dec. Chance Burrows, 6-4; 145-J.T. Street, Helena, pinned Trevor Johnson, :05; 152-Trylan Wassmann, GFH, dec. Kale Kamerzel, 11-3; 160-Jacob Siberling, Helena, dec. Charlie Bartram, 10-4; 171-Maxx Galland, GFH, won by tech fall (16-0) over Matt Upham; 189-Zach Wichman, GFH, pinned Andy Riordan, :32; 215-Matt Cable, won by forfeit; Hwt-Toby Erickson, Helena, pinned Josh Zimmer, 1:38

Great Falls 59, Helena Capital 15

98-Cole Mendenhall, GFH, pinned Alex Markle, 3:33; 105-Dylan Mendenhall, GFH, pinned Austin Lundin, 1:13; 112-Josh Morin, GFH, pinned Steve Emge, :40; 119-Tanner Jacobsen, GFH, pinned Quinn Markle, 1:07; 125-Evan Asay, Capital, dec. Logan Oswald, 8-1; 130-Simon Asay, Capital, pinned Stephen Horn, 4;21; 135-Zech Shalz, GFH, dec. Maverick Mansfield, 7-1; 140-Caleb Spangler, Capital, dec. Julian Wichman, 13-6; 145-Kyle Emge, Capital, dec. Trevor Johnson, 9-2; 152-Trylan Wassmann, GFH, pinned Pat Leg, 2:48; 160-Charlie Bartram, GFH, dec. Cody Fiske, 6-2; 171-Maxx Galland, GFH, won by tech fall (17-0) over Tait Strom; 189-Zach Wichman, GFH, won by forfeit; 215-Cameron Carpenter, GFH, pinned Nick Alamia, 5:14; Hwt-Josh Zimmer, GFH, pinned Tom Larson, 1:59

Bozeman 41, Sentinel 30

98: Eric Ibarra (B) major dec. Brandon Edwards (S), 8-0; 105: Colin Rupert (B) pinned David Vandersanden (S), 3:15; 112: Cliff Evans (S) dec. Riley Berry (B), 8-4; 119: Travis Lang (B) pinned David Marne, :58.; 125: David Demo (B) pinned Jeff Miere (S), 3:48; 130: Natty Lambert (B) dec. Joey Heitt (S), 12-4; 135: Kyle Taranto (B) pinned Sean King (S), :44;140: Marshal Carpenter (B) dec. Austin Edwards (S), 1-0; 145: Michael Carpenter (B) dec. Justin Mikkola (S), 5-2; 152: Joe Powell (B) dec. Josh Seeberger (S), 4-2; 160: Josh Hamilton (S) pinned Kiril Getmanchuk (B), 4:59; 171: by Tanen Doty (S) pinned Taw Browning (B), :46; 189: Jace Prideaux (S) major dec. Dyami Bartholomew (B), 15-5 ;215: Bentley Alsup (S) tech fall Doug May (B), 15-0; Hvy: Burton Schilling (S) won by forfeit.

Ronan 41, Glacier 38

(Championship of Western A Duals)

98- R. Dennis (Ronan), decision, C. Knopp (Glacier) 10-3; 105- Z. Barber (Glacier), pinned, E. Fryslie (Ronan) 3:20; 112- Z. Robinson (Ronan), pinned, Z. Orr (Glacier) 4:40; 119- D, Starkel (Ronan), decision, C. Sipe (Glacier) 9-0; 125- C. Neiss (Ronan), pinned, R. Schlegel (Glacier) :27; 130- T. Noyes (Ronan), pinned, T. Hendrickson (Glacier) :59; 135- J. Nelson (Glacier), pinned, D. Goldsby (Ronan) :43; 140- R. Pisk (Glacier), decision, B. Greenfield (Ronan) 6-0; 145- M. Cheff (Ronan), pinned, L. Cummings (Glacier) 2:18; 152- L. Francis (Glacier), tech fall, T. Wheeler (Ronan) 19-4; 160- T. Cheff (Ronan), maj. Decision, T. Woodland (Glacier)16-5; 189 - M. Schiele (Ronan), pinned, B. Ballard (Glacier) 5:29.

Glacier won 171, 215, 285 by forfeit.

Cut Bank tournament

Team scores - Havre 283, Glasgow 210.5, Conrad 185, Chinook 123, Malta 120, Cascade-Simms 113, Renegades 100, Fergus County 84.5, Great Falls High JV 83, Choteau 81.5, Lincoln County 60, Shelby 54.5, Harlem 54, Jefferson County 53, Fort Benton 50, Cut Bank 44, Browning 40, Fairfield 37, Poplar 35.5, Whitefish 35, Noxon 21, Chester/Joplin-Inverness 18, CMR JV 10.5.

Championship matches

98 - Luke Schlosser CON pin Kris Whitish CA-SM 3:25; 105 - Duel Stadel HAV pin Justin Smart GFH 3:40; 112 - Luke Ziegler GLA pin Isaiah Zell SHL 3:47; 119 - Derek Rogers CA-SM dec. Lathan Crossland REN 10-1; 125 - Johnny Schlosser CON dec. Clay Gruel CA-SM 8-5; 130 - Eli Hinebauch HAV pin Jared Giard CON 5:16; 135 - Hunter Azure POP pin Myles Mazurkiewicz HAV 3:36; 140 - Rex Martin FER dec. Jeremiah Hayes SHL 3-2; 145 - Willie Miller CHI dec. Taylor Vaughn LIN 6-2; 152 - Ethan Hinebauch HAV dec. Robert Stroh CHI 14-8; 160 - Benjamin Stroh CHI dec. Justin Rogers CHO 16-5; 171 - Aaron Hartsock GLA dec. Curtis Shandorf HAV 3-0; 189 - Myles Kittleson GLA pin Zach Birnel CHO 2:14; 215 - Chance Rauscher GLA tf Parker Miller REN 5:05; 285 - Colton Hill GLA dec. Ethan Tweet FTB 3-1.

Third-place matches

98 - Jacob Bethea GLA pin Zack Smith HAV 2:53; 105 - Jaren Van Dyke CON dec. Anthony Zimmer GFH 9-1; 112 - Colton Dirden HAR dec. Caylor Jacobsen REN 2-0; 119 - Randy Kirkedahl LIN pin Colt Harris REN 2:04; 125 - Dexter Trask FER dec. Chad Cebulski MAL 13-5; 130 - Jesse DeRoche BRW dec. Brett Bishop REN 7-5; 135 - Eddy Ost MAL dec. Justin VandenBos CTB 4-0; 140 - Kent Pattison inj. def. George Streit MAL; 145 - Aaron Olsen HAV dec. Josh Young CHO 11-0; 152 - Connor Malone FER dec. Ryan Smith MAL 5-0; 160 - Casey Schaub HAV pin Chaz Hopstad GLA 1:55; 171 - Trent Jones HAR dec. Dan Woodland CA-SM 3-1; 189 - Phillip Sutherland HAV pin Aaron Lehnerz CON :37; 215 - Paul Jensen CON dec. Cyle Cook LIN 6-0; 285 - JD Hough CON pin Mitch Schnittgen HAV 3:25.