St. Charles Hall, Carroll College, Helena

The oldest building on the Carroll College campus in Helena is also said to be its most haunted. St. Charles Hall was named for St. Charles Borromeo, after whom the college was originally named, as Mount St. Charles College. The building, which began construction in 1909 and had its cornerstone laid by then-U.S. President William Taft, is primarily used as a dormitory today.

The most well-known activity in St. Charles Hall centers around the fourth floor men's bathroom. In 1964 a student blacked out while brushing his teeth and hit his head on a sink in the bathroom, causing hemorrhaging in his brain. He was treated at a local hospital, but died of pneumonia a few weeks later.

Shortly after, students using the same bathroom began reporting strange occurrences. Some would say that while brushing their teeth or washing their faces, they would glance at the mirror and see a young man with a head wound standing behind them. Some claimed they would turn on the faucet, only to find blood flowing out instead of water. After several years of these reports, the bathroom was locked up, as it remains today. There have been rumors of scraping sounds coming from inside the bathroom.

Other stories persist about a student jumping out of a window to commit suicide, with some students claiming to see the event replay itself on certain nights. Legends claim that several priests died in different manners in the building and still haunt the place, but none of these stories, other than the student who hit his head, have been verified.