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Montana Untamed Editor


Montana Untamed editor for the Billings Gazette.

Geologist Gretchen Hurley will be the speaker at the next Draper Natural History Museum Lunchtime Expedition.

This photo shows author Robert M. Pirsig and his son with a motorcycle in 1968. The photo is courtesy of the Montana State University Renne Li…

Standing on Sheridan Avenue in Cody, Wyoming, Buffalo Bill watches the Prince of Monaco present a rifle to Chief Plenty Coups during the princ…

This pile of bison bones was stacked at the Michigan Carbon Works in the late 1800s where they were converted into fertilizer, charcoal, pigme…

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Actually, Not, the ride was last weekend and the park was open to autos.


BrettFrench commented on Bighorn sheep ram found stuck in tree

You may be right Concerned, I didn't notice that. Hard to tell from the photo.