Charity Dewing

Senior Editor for Special Sections


Senior Editor for Special Sections at The Billings Gazette.

It’s something movies are made of – a rancher’s daughter, brought up to believe her size and gender had nothing to do with her willingness and…

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Charity Dewing

Ashley, I could not agree more. It is not about yoga pants but that society continues to place women's attire (or whatever random circumstance) as the cause of harassment (rape, in some cases). Equality is something women to continue to fight for. Thank you!

Charity Dewing

I agree. There was no other option but to shoot this poor, tortured animal? No tranquilizer? Or because it was just a bull, it didn't matter anyway?! I have heard of how these animals are treated at PAYS and I cannot say I am surprised by any of this.

Charity Dewing

Women ARE paid less than men. Bottom line. Academically speaking or otherwise, women make less than men. This isn't a fabricated number-its just the truth. AND it has NOTHING to do with manual labor or not. In fact, I grew up in a ranch and have worked 12-14 hour days without breaks, pregnan…

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